After 20 years in ministry, I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve heard thousands of secrets, wrestled with thousands of struggles, and cried with thousands of people who are hurting.  And I can say that the deepest wounds in so many lives are caused by being abused or attacked sexually.  I’ve looked into the eyes of women and children who have been “robbed” in this area more than any other area.  I have held moms in my arms who are dealing with their own children’s abuse, wept with women who were violated in the deepest way, and wrestled with my own anger over the after effects of this one sin in our churches and homes.  If I could erase one sin from this world, it would be sexual abuse.  Hands down.

But even in this darkness, Jesus remains the healing balm, a light, and a force to be reckoned with.  He has time and time again astounded me with His redemption.  No court and no counseling session can do what Jesus can do in one moment.  He is our faithful healer, our great redeemer, and our restorer of faith.

This Sunday, I’m inviting you to North Creek Church as a very special guest shares her story of Hope.  Amy Farley is sure to change your perspective on the story that this world may try to write for you.  Join us at 10:00 am and say this prayer with me before you come, “Jesus, let me see my story through Your eyes this Sunday.”  I promise He won’t let you down.

If you don’t normally go to church, come anyway.  You don’t have to feel the pressure to ever come back or anything like that…I just want you to hear Amy’s story and allow Jesus to birth in you forgiveness and healing!

I’m back!  I took a month off of blogging to reset for a while.  It’s been a good fall and we are enjoying watching Jesus change lives and hearts!

First off…the Cubs won the World Series!  My dad has been a fan for his entire life and it’s about the only sports team I can remember watching through my childhood.  He watched the series with his cat named Cubby and agonized as his beloved team fought through some ups and downs.  I could not be more excited for my dad and his precious team.  Miracles do happen.

We had missionaries Jamie and Berly with us last week.  What a blessing that family is to us and the Dominican Republic.  They are some of the hardest workers I know and are a joy to give our missions money to!  If you’d like to give to missions every month, mark Be Present on your online giving or offering envelope.

You can also mark your calendars for January 22 for our next missionary guest, Amy Farley.  Amy’s story is one of both tragedy and triumphing.  You will be changed, so plan on being there!!!!

We are gearing up for our Christmas Service.  Our schedule as a mobile church is different this year, so take note that our service is on FRIDAY night, December 23.  We will not have our regularly scheduled services on Sunday (Christmas) morning.  We will have invite cards out soon so you can tell your friends and family.

Our Deaf Women were at a retreat this weekend and had a great time.  Jesus always changes hearts when we step outside of our regular life and give Him time to work!

510093_154_640036Ladies from our hearing church…Mark you calendars for next March.  We are headed to a Women’s Conference!  Andrea and Rachael are leading it and more information will be coming out soon.  The early registration deadline is December 31, so start asking for this as a Christmas gift! 🙂

We are still in the process of looking for a building!  We trust in God’s timing for just the right situation, so be praying!  In the meantime, Prairie is a great place to be and we are grateful for all that God does in people’s hearts no matter where we are.

And last, but certainly not least….Congrats to Justin and Melissa on the birth of Lucien!  Here is a link to their meal schedule:  MEALS LINK  If you are able to jump in and bless them that would be awesome!  Also, they could use some help this weekend with raking some leaves, so if you can’t cook, but are looking to help, let me know and we’ll get you connected.

We are praying for you!  If you go to our North Creek App, you’ll see a prayer request button.  If you have a need, let us know.  I guarantee you that our pastoral team sees them, prays, and knows that God is working on your behalf!  We love you.




SUNDAY was a PARTY!!!!  We had such a great time celebrating ten years as a church.  Thank you for all the love, support, and laughter you have brought to the last decade of our story.  We look forward to the future!

Our older kids in K-5th joined us in the main service, which is always great.  I loved watching them worship and enjoy the service alongside their families.  We had A LOT going on, so it was easy to keep the kids focused this week.

We opened with our very own Marc Roy and his team dancing Hip Hop for us.  If your kids are interested, he teaches all kinds of classes.  You can find him on social media.  Isn’t it cool to see all of the ways that we can give glory to God?  We can’t limit our praise, so give Him WHATEVER you’ve got!

I think that Heaven is going to be OFF THE CHARTS in worship.  I think there will be times of shouting, dancing, playing instruments, art, prayerfully bowing, silence…all sorts of ways to give Him honor.  But one thing will be true…every action will be done with 100% of who we are.  Make sure that is true in your daily life now.  Are you worshiping Him with it ALL?

Mark and I co-preached on Sunday about the Ten Things That Have Anchored Us.  It was FUN!  You can watch the whole sermon here: NC VIMEO  (Video is uploading, check back soon!)  It includes a video about Nate and Jessica Johnson, Nick and Maria Ortiz, a cameo from Troy Jones, a video highlighting all 180 baptisms, and we even gave out a Starbucks card to all the adults and teenagers!  You’ll see that we edited out the highlight video of one of our missionaries.  She is in a highly sensitive country, so we will not be posting anything online that puts her safety in jeopardy.  You can still give to BePresent via our Pushpay app if you’d like to support missions!

We also had the Deaf Church in with us, which I loved.  Jim and James took turns interpreting and deserve an award.  We had so much going on and they were rockstars at keeping up with it all.

We also had a photo booth (see North Creek  – The Coffee Church) with some birthday decorations to get festive!

And THEN we ended the service by dropping 500 balloons graciously blown up by our teenagers.  They will be lightheaded for weeks…

Mark and I were also surprised by our team as they honored us for leading for 10 years.  Thank you so much for that!  Truly, we have the BEST team I could imagine and they deserve the credit.  We wouldn’t want to go on this journey alone!

So, what’s next?  Continuing to live for Him with complete abandon.  No fear, all faith, endless possibilities!  Join us on the adventure!



img_2501We are headed quickly towards our 10 year anniversary as a church and it has just been amazing as we look back and celebrate!

We are still giving out t-shirts, which we are almost out of AGAIN.  We are ordering more…Hollie might kill me for the attention, but isn’t this a great family picture? 🙂

This week we had DONUTS…everywhere! I’ve never seen more donuts. You could smell the sugar in the air from a mile away! And our children thought it was the best week EVER! Thankfully I gave them all away before the morning was over because I had no idea what my plan was with dozens of donuts.

Our youth were also the highlight this week as they took the offering for their arm of missions called Speed the Light. Our worship team had A LOT of teenagers showcased with a special song by Emily Ronda. It was incredible!  We also had teen greeters, helpers, ushers, etc. They are amazing volunteers every week at North Creek, but we just had more than usual around for last Sunday.

We also honored our youngest member – Asher Robison. He was born to Jordan and Catherine just a few weeks ago, so we gave him a Coffee Church onesie as a gift. We then honored our eldest member, Lorraine. We gave her a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for her teachable heart. As a church we want to provide an opportunity to grow in Jesus from birth through the entirety of your life!

img_2458As we round the corner to ten years, I could not be more excited.  I can remember about 20 years ago watching the “Church Planters” at Conference and feeling a little sorry for them.  Who wanted to start a church with very little and grow it from the ground up???  That sounded like a terrible amount of work.  And then God asked us to do it.  Now, here we are, ten years in and the tables have turned.  I feel sorry for people who never get to do this!  It has been the most stretching, beautiful, painful, wonderful, awful, life-giving, heart-breaking, roller coaster of a journey.  I feel like it has been ten years of our hands being held by Jesus himself because this was too big to do alone...and that, my friend, has been the BEST place we could have ever imagined.  Step out in faith for whatever He is asking of you…whether that is tithing or leaving this country for missions.  Regardless of the magnitude of the ask…DO IT.

Fulfillment is found when faith and obedience collide.

See you this Sunday at 10 am at Prairie High School for a celebration service!  Invite all your friends!  Kids age K-5th grade and the Deaf Church are ALL joining the Hearing Church for an incredible morning.  We’ll have surprises all over the place!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the September 11 attacks.  We still honor the brave men and women who exemplified heroism on that day and in the years to come.  As this day rolls around every year, I hope it is a great reminder to you to pray that we turn to Jesus.  We need Him.

img_0249In honor of North Creek’s ten year anniversary we highlighted the Kid’s Ministry this week by having our K-5th Graders come and sing with us for a song as well as take a special offering. I recommend watching the videos below as they are quite moving!  Isaiah and Kennedy took the offering as the first two BABIES that were in our nursery 10 years ago.  They’ve sure grown up into some amazing kids!  Great job to Andrea and our children!

We also gave everyone YUMMY biscotti for coming!  I’m not even a huge fan of biscotti, but this stuff was GOOD!  This Sunday we’ll have more treats and surprises as we head toward our BIG celebration on Sept. 25.  Invite someone to church!

kennedyisaiahGrowth Groups kicked off this week with a bang.  It’s not too late to sign up, so go visit  Our groups meet every other week, so it is an easy, but very beneficial commitment.  I love our group and look forward to seeing them!

Do you have a teenager that needs to be in a positive environment?  Our youth ministry is INCREDIBLE!  They meet every Thursday and all teenagers are welcome to attend.

Heads up for your Christmas planning…yes, Christmas….we will be having a special service on Friday night, December 23, instead of Sunday morning, December 25.  As a mobile church, that is the best scenario for everybody as Christmas lands on a Sunday, so plan to attend that Friday and bring your family!  We’ll have beautiful music and some special moments to honor the birth of Jesus.

Also, we’ll be rolling our info for our next missions trip soon, so stay tuned!  We are working on doing a family trip, so you can go with your teens and older kids.  Pretty cool!

Lots of good stuff going on in Jesus’ Church.  I’m loving being a part of it!  OK, watch these videos.  They are worth the time!  Enjoy!