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Life is completely defined by what you choose to see and how you choose to see it.

Two nights ago I was broiling some bread with cheese on top for dinner. I got distracted and the toast got a dark brown tone. Needless to say, it was not was I was aiming for! I set it on the table and immediately Delaney said, “Yuck! I am not going to eat that!” I turned and casually said, “Huh. That’s too bad. It’s my specialty. It’s burnt cheese toast and it’s yummy.” I then picked up a piece, took a big bite, and smiled as I chewed away.

A few minutes later Delaney picked up her toast, took a bite and said, “This is good! You are the BEST mommy EVER for making this for our family.” Mark laughed under his breath at what had just taken place. I had just changed the perspective of my daughter from toast failure to family blessing in a matter of minutes.

What “failure” in your life do you need to “re-perspective”? Sometimes if you’re not getting the right answer, it’s because you’re not asking the right question. Change your lense and you change your life.

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  1. love this!!! changing perspectives is your specialty and I love you!

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