Staff Retreat

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We just had staff retreat in Seattle! It was an awesome time to laugh together, reminisce, and look for our weak spots as a church. Troy Jones, Pastor of New Life in Renton, took a few hours to do some leadership training with us on Tuesday. It was challenging on so many levels! Here’s some of the top points that we discussed as a team:

Anytime you start something new, write down your prediction of it’s outcome. Evaluate later to find out what correct or incorrect worldview you had to arrive at that conclusion. – Larry Osborne

“I’m a student of people’s comments.” Troy Jones

Are you recruiting volunteers with a forest fire (panic) approach or an architect designing a structure?

Language creates culture. We need to all speak the same at North Creek to shape who we are.

Tithing should be cheerful, systematic, and generous.

We also took the time to have a good dinner, drink coffee, sit in the hot tub, and just be friends. Our staff is very unique in a basic way…we like each other! 🙂 I am so blessed and humbled to interact with the caliber of people that we do. Thank you to our staff and New Life for being who you are!

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