A couple of nights ago we came home to 4 balloons and a note on our front porch from Donna. Each balloon had the church address on a tag attached to it. There was also a tin with four $10 gift cards to Starbucks. The instructions were to send up a prayer for our dreams of launching a second campus on 10/10/2010. The finder of the balloons can bring them back to the church and get a Starbucks card. There was also a note about how much Donna believes in North Creek’s future.

Not only is it a cool idea, but to have a church that jumps on board with insane ideas means everything to Mark and I. We feel like no matter what we do, it will succeed, because dozens of people are surrounding us with unstoppable faith. It really is the most humbling thing one can imagine.

Last night our family took 3 balloons out to launch. The white balloon had lost a bit of it’s “get up and go” and was sagging to my floor, so I decided to leave it behind as a momento. Our family stood and watched as the balloons soared into the night sky. The girls giggled and bent their necks until they couldn’t see them anymore. On the way in, Delaney said, “Mom, the white one has to go, too!” I decided to humor her and take it out front. Much to my surprise, it actually took off! Unfortunately, it floated just across the street and lodged itself in my neighbor’s tree. We laughed a bit and went inside.

This morning, when I peeked outside, the white balloon was gone. It was too high up for the neighbor to get it, so I wondered where it went, but didn’t give it another thought until later this afternoon. I was sitting in my living room looking out the window. Just then, about 12 feet high, floated that white balloon past my house. It bopped down my street and with all the gusto of determination it could muster, it sailed above a house and off into the distance.

It was as if it was looking for just the person that needed it and wasn’t planning to give up until it found the rightful owner. The love of God is very similar. It doesn’t give up until it finds a place in your heart.

If you receive that little white balloon, know this…God had a good reason for that. Even when I had given up on it, the belief of a child sent it flying your way. It contains the faith of a church that has no other goal in life than for other’s to know the love of Jesus and experience the life He has for you. May you be blessed.

  1. Laura Davenport said:

    This is so so cool Stacy – neat idea – neat things happening at NorthCreek! So excited for you guys! Love you

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