A Little Time To Breathe

We just got back from a day in Seattle!  Our family went up to visit an old friend, Jon Morauski and his family.  They run a quaint bed and breakfast up in North Bend.  It was a meeting of sorts that was not negotiable, so in the midst of a mountain of work, we had to leave.

We made the long drive with the two kids, which is normally a pain, but today it was just relaxing to all be together.  We laughed, played games, watched movies on the DVD player, and ate snacks all day long!

When we arrived the girls got to go out to the pasture to feed the goats and chickens.  They had baby goats that were just days old…too cute!  Our girls had the best time running in the mud of the farm.  Delaney was dressed in a velvet dress with sparkly shoes…she’s all girl!  Needless to say, she’s gonna need a new pair of shoes after that travesty!  Kennedy jumped right in to let the chickens eat right out of her hand and gave the goats a run for their money!

We ate a great lunch and then sat around the fire pit outside in the cool air.  I had a cup of hot coffee and nothing to do, which was a very odd sensation!  After the intense craziness in the last month, I could feel the knots of stress slip from my neck and back.  The air was crisp around me and the mountain peaks shot up above the yellowing trees.  I could hear the river rushing in the distance.  There is a reason that God commands us to take a rest and I’m thankful that God forced a break into my schedule.  I’m very good at working, but stepping out of the frontline is a challenge.

God is blessing North Creek and our family in literally every way that we need Him to.  Everytime I turn around, it is as if He is directing my path to the very thing that we needed most that day.  And today He directed our family all the way up to a farm in the middle of nowhere.  I didn’t know how much I needed those dumb goats, but I’m sure glad that He knew.

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