FUN Morning!

Church was CRAZY for me this morning! I worked in the Great Adventurer’s at 9:00, the Little Adventurer’s at 10:30 am and managed to video tape 13 out of our 15 baptism testimonies in the meantime! I’m not normally that spread around, but nonetheless, it was a fun morning! So here’s my recap:

Mike and Alecia do a great job with our kids ministry. Mike teaches about once a month and he is very gifted! He doesn’t speak down to the kids, he knows all the motions to the songs, and he takes the time to look each kid in the eye. Pretty cool.

Liana was scheduled to teach the Little Adventurer’s today, but her son broke his arm. Like really broke it…bone through skin…he’s gonna have a good story to tell for the rest of his life. Aren’t 5 year old boys so cool? We’re praying for his quick recovery and we missed their family today.

I taught a 5th grade girl how to find a book, chapter, and verse in her Bible. I say “her” Bible with great pride. North Creek gave her that Bible this morning. It’s her first one. I wish you could have seen the look of accomplishment when she looked up Proverbs 16:5. Thank you for those of you who give your hard earned money to North Creek. Buying Bibles for people is one of the places we spend it and it’s so awesome!

Angela has 7 people signed up for Starting Point, which is our class for people who have questions about Jesus and Christianity. It’s a great place to get some answers and make some decisions about how you want to live your life. She’s the perfect teacher. She loves people in just the right way to allow them to decide for themselves and not be judgmental.

Sandy co-taught with me in the Little Adventurer’s. She LOVES kids. And she’s naturally gifted with them. It was her first time in that class, but it won’t be her last. I want my kids being impacted by her love for Jesus and her love for them.

Mark preached on baptism. We now have 15 people getting baptized at Klineline next week and I’m really thrilled with every one of them. They are quality adults, teens, and kids.

I looked into the eyes of 13 of those lives that have been dramatically changed by Jesus while I videotaped their stories. I know those stories. I know that when they talk about the love of Jesus, some of them are speaking from a profound place. They’ve experienced the world’s awfulness and have found refuge in Jesus.

Being in the business of changing lives is an honor. It’s all God, I know that, but we get to play a part in that. So humbling and so refreshing.

I cannot wait until next Sunday where we’ll baptize people at Klineline Park. What a great day to be a part of the family of God! Show up at 10:00 am for scones and 10:45 for baptisms. See you there! I’ll be the one with tears of joy streaming down my face!

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