Get a Fire In Your Belly

Just before our first anniversary, Mark and I bought our first house. We were on a very tight budget for the housing market, so we bought a small fixer-upper that we fell in love with. Our little 800 square foot house didn’t even have a dishwasher or adequate heat. It did have an old fireplace and a winter’s supply of wood. That first winter I got very good at keeping the fire going so my cottage would stay toasty warm.

For those of you with fireplaces, you know the mess that spreads quickly from ashes and soot. I was new at homemaking and anxious to keep everything clean and neat. One day I drug my vaccuum out to conquer my pile of soot that had accumulated around and in the fireplace.

When I was about half way done with my small task, the vaccuum inhaled a coal that was still smoldering. I saw it go in, but didn’t realize it was still hot enough to cause a problem. All of a sudden, my vaccuum started pouring smoke as the bag inside lit on fire and the dirt ignited with it. I rushed around squealing and eventually threw the vaccuum outside and hoped that the rain keep my stupidity at bay. Try explaining that you lit your vaccuum on fire to your new husband…

I’m telling you that story because I think that we all need a smoldering ember in our bellies. We need to inhale the dreams of God for our lives and let them ignite us with passion and enthusiasm. We need to step out in faith until we don’t know what else to do except to rush around squealing.

I’m dreaming. I’m praying. I’m asking God to blow His sweet breath on the hot coals once again. And I encourage you to do the same. Even if that means you’ll have a whole lot of explaining to do when other people find out. Life is a fun adventure. Be such an amazing fire that others stop to watch you burn!

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