January 17 Coffee Church Highlights

You know what the grace of God really is?  It’s the fact that in the midst of the darkness, the challenges, and the trials, He fills the empty soul with hope, joy, and vision.  God is good!

We are ready for a full year of recalibrating our church and seeking Jesus on a whole new level.  Come on the journey with us!  There is majesty in the moments that seem like they are full of the unknown.

There is an amazing woman in our church who emails me every Monday to ask how she can pray for us this week.  I cannot even describe to you what that does to my heart!  Thank you, friend.  Thank you! 😉

We have an offer that we are bouncing back and forth with on our Battle Ground campus.  When that sells it will help us to look forward to the future and find our new “home”.  Would you be praying?  We need all of us hearing from Jesus and walking in unity.  Currently we have no debt, which has been an incredible blessing!

How can you help this year?  Show up.  Show up to church, growth groups, outreaches, in your neighbor’s lives, at your kid’s school…you get the idea.  Be a part of community!

On that note, Growth Groups are opening in a couple weeks.  We are shifting them to every other week to discuss the Bible passage we are hearing about in the sermon.  It’s going to be an awesome way to dive into the Word of God whether you know a ton or are completely in the dark.  Would you pray about committing to come twice a month to be a part of a solid community in faith?

Hasn’t worship been AMAZING lately?  Sunday was off the hook as you could literally feel the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts and lives of people.  Come ready to hear from Jesus and then obey WHATEVER He tells you!

Did you like the sermon opening video with the Star Wars theme?  I laughed when the audience clapped after the video.  How hilarious was that?!?!?  Such a great video to go with a phenomenal series on 1 Peter.  Read along with us!

We are doing well after a mountain of transition in 2015.  Thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement as you have walked this road with us.  It was quite the undertaking to sell property, find a temporary home for Sundays as well as the youth ministry, and now move forward to the next step in our future.  The best is yet to come!

How can you help at this juncture?  Give faithfully.  As our budget is steady and solid, it will allow us to purchase a property that fits our needs better.  All we need is a body of believers that is committed to tithing and we can fulfill ALL that God has put in our hearts to better reach our community through outreach.

We love being your pastors!  Be blessed this week!


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