May 27 Highlights

Happy Memorial Day Weekend…a little late! Even though I’m way behind on my weekly highlight blog, I do want to honor all of those who have given their lives for our freedom. As Christians, we should be most grateful that we live in a country that allows us to believe and proclaim those beliefs without persecution.

Sunday was a good morning! I thought more people would be out of town, but both campuses were fairly full of people and LOTS of new guests as well. Thanks for coming to visit us!

I taught Tiny Town at Battle Ground and enjoyed being back in with the toddlers. It’s been a while since I’ve taught (although I pop in alot!). I am always impressed that the little ones in our church are great at worship and Scripture memorization…and they make it fun by dancing and screaming, too!

We had most of our staff team over on Sunday for a BBQ instead of our regular staff meeting this week. We’ve got an incredible team! And the 20+ children who come with them aren’t bad, either! So blessed to be surrounded by these people in my life.

It was also my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday yesterday! She invited all of the girls in her class for lunch and cake, which was awesome. She LOVED hosting them all and playing the afternoon away. Kennedy was horrifically shy for the first four years of her life. I can remember her preschool teacher being concerned for how she would function in Kindergarten with her social insecurities. I was the one SHOVING my kid into the church classroom because she just wanted to be with her mom. Now here we are, one year later, and she is much stronger, more confident, and able to communicate what she wants appropriately. I am glad that we made her jump into situations where she had to make friends, where she had to talk to teachers, and where she had to find a way to be comfortable without her mommy attached to her. It was difficult to navigate that issue, but I think she’d still be in my arms all of the time if I’d have let her! So proud of you, Kennedy!!!

We are still short a couple of volunteer spots in Battle Ground, although we are doing AMAZINGLY well overall. If you play bass, play drums, or love toddlers, we need YOU! The toddler class actually just needs assistants, so you don’t even need to teach! Just come ready to play and color! If you have another passion, we need one more of everything at both campuses in order to make the scheduling more fluid and ready for growth. Sign up to volunteer HERE.

Love my life, love my church, and love my Jesus! If you were out of town this weekend, we hope you were blessed and we can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

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