I’ve had a lot of conversations in the last couple of weeks about motivation. Isn’t motivation an interesting concept? We wait to “get motivated” to do something that we know we should do regardless of whether we feel like it or not.

Motivation is just a feeling…nothing more or less. And just like temptation, we need to avoid the pitfalls of motivation. We don’t just get to do what we FEEL like…especially as Christians. We need to do what is right. We need to do what is BEST for our growth, for our spouses, and our families. Deny the flesh! Prioritize! Turn off Facebook! DO what you need to DO. Take a sabbath and enjoy it, but don’t feel like you have earned the right to relax when you haven’t.

I am guilty as well in this area. Cleaning out the garage is always something that I am “going to do”. My disorganized desk screams at me daily, but I never scream back…at least not loud enough to get the piles of paperwork sorted. And the irony is that I wouldn’t have to do a lot at once. A little each day would get the job done fairly quickly and without a high cost to my busy schedule. And even more ironic…most of my sorting could be done in front of the television while my favorite shows are on.

I am really going to take a hard look at the things that I want done, but don’t do because I’m not in the mood. My plan is to write a list of ten things that I want to accomplish over the next three months of summer. What can I do each day to get towards making that goal?

My challenge is to make a list for yourselves as well. Let’s not wait until we “feel” like it! Let’s tell our flesh what we want it to do and then go for it!

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