My Favorite Time with Jesus

I was just out on my back porch with a cup of coffee all by myself. The sun filters through the trees, my cat curls up in his favorite spot, and for just a moment, the whole world is peaceful and quiet. It is in those times that Jesus and I just talk. I tell Him things that bother me, make me happy, and what my dreams are. I listen for His sweet spirit to refill me and I remember how great He is.

I walk over to my little vegetable garden and see it’s progress. It reminds me that God provides for us. Sometimes it reminds me that He even provides for the slugs that are eating my precious veggies…Either way, it says that He takes care of it all.

I wander around through my flower garden as well. It always reminds me to pray for my mom. She’s an amazing gardener that can pretty much make flowers grow out of rocks. I’m getting better at it as time goes on and I hope that one day my garden resembles hers. I seem to have mastered my roses this year. Each one is intricately gorgeous. The petals are all different colors, different shapes, and different styles, yet they are all roses. Just like us. We’re all different but we’re all His kids. My friend from Montana taught me how to trim my roses. They have to be cut just so to retain the right shape of the overall plant. Hmmmm…I think that’s true for us as well. He trims us just so and right where we need it in order to retain the right shape.

I know that my time in the silence of my garden will soon be interrupted by the pitter-patter of the little feet of His other creations, but in the meantime, this is where God and I start our summer days. God’s creation is the true revelation of who He is! He’s so diverse, creative, and yet it all functions together in unity.

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