Yesterday was incredibly fun for me!  We had 142 crammed into our new church and we nearly used every chair that we own, including the foyer chairs, the youth chairs, and a couple of barstools!  But really the best part was that we were surrounded by people that we love, two little girls got baptized and lives were touched with the love of Jesus.  That building is just cement.  It’s not the reason we celebrate or the source of joy in my heart.  I am grateful for the tool that God gave us, but without people, it’s worthless in my eyes.  The life of that building walks through our doors every Sunday morning!

Some people look at ministry as an incredible burden…which is partly true.  However, on the other side, there is a deep humility that comes with the privilege that Mark and I have to be the pastors of North Creek.  Yesterday was an incredibly profound day for us as we let go of the burden of accomplishing our goal and felt again the burden of God’s agenda for reaching people.  There is no day off from loving people, so we charge ahead to use our new building to do His work. 

My email has been busy with both friends and strangers wishing us well.  Below are some that I wanted to share.  Thank you for your support!  It’s been quite a journey and we are grateful to be beyond the work and into our next season!

We’ve Got Mail…

Praise God for His new witness in this neighborhood! I am so excited to see that building going to God!  I will be in prayer for you all as God leads! I drive past the building every morning! May He increase His witness to those surrounding you and bless many through you by your commitment to follow His lead.

I wanted to thank you, it was a lovely experience and we are so excited for your church!   I had commented to a few people that I would see them next week as we do plan to come again!  Thanks again for a great morning!

 Hey guys, Had to let you know how happy I am for you and your church family. What a fabulous thing to have so many people come together on a project for God. It must have been very touching.  We really enjoyed the service and Jerry’s story was incredible. Keep on keeping on. You are touching some lives in a very unique way.

Pastor Mark: Yesterday is a culmination of God’s power demonstrated through the Holy Spirit moving through you and so many people to see victory over darkness by our triumphant Jesus Christ. I sensed a family that loves Jesus and so demonstates it by love to one another. May God anoint you and your wife to boldly speak the mysteries of God’s Truth in the Spirit. I really am in love with God and his will to be done in the Body of Christ at NCC. I will continue to pray for God’s success in all who come and may no man stand in resistant to God’s will and purpose. May God’s eternal light shine on that corner and in all those who come to worship.

Hello!  I wanted to say, “Congratualtions” on moving into your new location.  We are very happy for you!  We know that the ministry will touch many hearts and change many lives for Christ. 
  1. Michelle said:

    VERY exciting Stacy! That is so awesome! Looking forward to spending time with you and the fam for Christmas AND to visit everyone at North Creek!

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