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AgeOfKings_XL-835x425I am so looking forward to July at North Creek!  This Sunday we kick off a sermon series called Age of Kings.  Because I am one of the preachers this month, I’ve been diving into various stories of kings throughout the Bible, and have been fascinated by their lives!  It is amazing how you can read through a story in the Bible after reading it a dozen times and see something you have never seen before.  I can’t wait to see our preachers pull out life lessons from these characters and apply it to our lives.

Most of the kings we are focusing on are from the Old Testament.  The nation of Israel cried out for a human leader like other nations had, despite the fact that they had the opportunity to identify with God Himself as their leader.  God heard their prayers and gave both Israel and Judah a succession of about 20 Kings each.  Long story short, these mere men left a trail of interesting decisions behind them that had centuries of ramifications for the nation.  Some kings served the Lord, and we see that their stories are ultimately successful.  Some kings turned from the Lord, and their stories are tragic tales of misguided hearts.

When I read the tale of the Kings, one thing holds true…Obedience to the principles of God should remain of supreme importance in our lives if we intend to be successful.  It is a foundational principle that we all fall short on at times, but nonetheless, we should keep the goal in our sites and our hearts steeped in the Word of God.

Brace yourself for a wonderful journey through the Bible this summer!  I am positive of one thing: God has something to say to us!