I was getting ready this morning and heard signing downstairs. A sweet 5 year old voice belted out in a worship song, “Beautiful one, I love…Beautiful one, I adore…” It was one of those moments that stops me in my tracks and makes me so thankful for having Jesus at the center of our home.

There is no such thing as the perfect family or perfect parents, and our family is no exception. That being said, what we are trying to do more than anything for our girls is to model for them worship, reading the Bible, faithfully going to church, serving others, and allowing them, even at this young age, to make our faith their own.

Challenges in their lives will come and we won’t be able to stop most of them. However, if we can give them the foundation and the tools to jump those hurdles, we will have succeeded. Loving the Word of God and having a heart of worship are the two most important resources we can pass along to their young hearts.

The next several weeks at North Creek we’ll be taking some time to talk about Parenting. It’s going to be pivotal for some families. I encourage you to be a part of this series, even if you don’t have kids yet or yours are all grown. Many hands go into molding our kids and we all need to be trained in shaping the heart of the next generation.

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