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So much to celebrate over our Easter weekend!  Thank you to our incredible team of volunteers who serve faithfully to provide a great environment for so many people to experience the love of Jesus.  My heart is full as I reflect on the privilege it is to be a part of this church and each of your lives!

Our Good Friday was off the hook with our baptism service as we dunked 14 people.  You can see a bunch of pictures on our Facebook page at North Creek – The Coffee Church.  Each story was incredible to hear as God is truly and deeply changing lives.  My family’s personal moment was watching my daughter, Delaney, baptize her friend, Laurie.  She was a big part of Laurie coming to church and was thrilled to be a part of that moment with her.  The other part of the story is that Laurie then invited her friend Kira who was also baptized on Friday.  That’s people being the church!

baptismEaster Sunday we had 330 people who joined us in giving honor to our Resurrected King.  Matt and Rachel wrote an gorgeous song about True Love to go with our theme and Mark preached a great message out of Matthew.  Our Deaf Church had a huge potluck to celebrate as well.  It was an awesome morning!

In our kid’s class we had 9 kids raise their hand to accept Jesus.  WHOOO HOOO!!!!  That’s why we get up in the morning.  Then they all got eggs with candy and stickers on their way out of the door.

We also took an offering for Charity Water to help provide clean water for people all around the world.  We’ll have the final total soon as we tally up all the giving, but we’ll be right around $7000, which is PHENOMENAL!  So thankful we are part of a generous church.  You are still welcome to give at under the Be Present link.

In the middle of all of the chaos of Good Friday and Easter we also had a gymnastics meet on Saturday for Kennedy in Kennewick, WA.  We made the whirlwind trip in between our baptism service and our Easter service.  She had a strong meet and walked away with first place all around, which was awesome!  She also placed in all other four events – 1st on beam, 2nd on vault, and 3rd on floor and bars.  Proud of my little athlete who gives all the glory to Jesus!

I ended the weekend with a full cup and long nap to recuperate from all the excitement.  Now I’m ready to dig in, watch our church grow, and continue to change the world with the message of Jesus.  Let’s do this!

SO excited about this week at North Creek!  While the world is in chaos, one thing remains stable and trustworthy…the TRUE LOVE of Jesus.  That is our message and that is our mission in spite of all that seems to be happening around us!

With that in mind, we have two “Don’t Miss This” events this weekend that you can be a part of…


First, we are heading towards Good Friday where we will be baptizing a dozen people!  I can’t think of a better way to honor the death of our Savior than by watching people stand for faith in the forgiveness of their sins.  It will be POWERFUL!  Join us as we worship, take communion, and experience baptisms in our service.  We have two people from our deaf church being baptized, so our service will be ASL interpreted.  Also, kids under 5 will have childcare provided.  Older kids will love the service!  Get to the Link Church building early as we expect a full house.


Then we get to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday at Prairie High School.  We will have a treat for all the kids, incredible music, and the life-changing message of our RISEN savior. Service starts at 10:00 am, but coffee is hot at 9:30 am, so come early!  We are also taking a special offering for to make a difference around the world for people who desperately need life-giving clean water.  If you are unable to be with us this Sunday, you can give online under BePresent at  It is going to be a truly beautiful morning to share with family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!  Be praying as we know that God is in the business of changing lives!  See you soon.



We are home from vacation and it was great to be back at church!  We were in Las Vegas for a gymnastics meet and then we headed over to Anaheim to visit Disneyland, which is one of my favorite places on the planet!  Such a nice break from reality!!! 🙂  Alas, you can’t stay in Disneyland forever and we are excited about diving into the next season of our lives and our church.

Logo.AnnWe are baptizing people on March 25 at our Good Friday service.  We are ready have 7 people signed up, so if you’d like to add your name to the list because you are ready to go public with your faith, go to and sign up ASAP!  We’d love to celebrate with you.

Matt and Andrea were out of town on vacation this weekend, so THANK YOU to Jordan and Rachel for leading worship and to Sarah for leading KidCity.  All three leaders did an outstanding job using their gifts and hearts for ministry.  We have truly amazing people at North Creek Church.

God is doing so many profound things in our midst.  People are visiting our church, meeting Jesus, getting baptized, and thriving.  I am loving seeing God turn around this tumultuous season for His glory!

We are also about to roll out a new way to give to North Creek.  You can download the app called Pushpay, find North Creek Church and set up your account.  It makes giving SUPER simple.  After your account is set up, which takes about two minutes, then you will be able to text your giving.  I love this century!

Speaking of giving…have you given your $12 this month if you made a 12 for 12 commitment?  With just $12 for 12 months we can significantly upgrade our giving for our 12 missionaries.  I love the people we support and the work they are doing all over the world for Jesus.  You can be a part!!  On PushPay, you can give your $12 under the Be Present option.  It will go to the right place!

Logo2.shareEaster is coming in a couple of weeks, so think about who you can invite.  We have flyers up on our Facebook page at  Take a moment and use your social media to let people know about where they can celebrate Easter!  Also, on Easter Sunday we are taking an offering for Charity Water to help provide safe and clean drinking water for people all over the world.  Prepare a gift to bring with you!

We would love for you to volunteer one Sunday a month if you aren’t already a part.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know people and make friends!  You can find the form online and we’ll get you plugged in quickly.

Thank you for praying, for serving, for giving, for reading your Bibles, for being humble and for seeking Jesus with your whole hearts.  We are an imperfect people, but passionate about a living God!

We are so glad to be on this journey with you and completely blessed to be your pastors.

Be blessed!



Great weekend all around!  My mom was in town to visit, which is always fun to have grandma around.  She wore my kids out with crafts, walks, games, and baking!

Happy Anniversary to my in-laws, Alvina and Ivan!  They have been married for 52 years.  Isn’t that something!  And they made my wonderful husband out of that marriage as well, so bonus points all around!

Don't-Judge.LogoWe are kicking off a new series next Sunday about judging.  In our society “judging” is a hot button, but it can also be misconstrued to include the idea that simply having an opinion makes you judgmental.  Come and join us for the next three weeks as we see what the Bible says about judging.

Do you need prayer or do you want to be on our prayer team?  Email to be a part. You’ll get prayer requests via email and then you can send your own requests as well.

Easter is just 26 days away!  Our service will be at 10:00 am (both our hearing and deaf services), so plan to join us at Prairie High School for a beautiful morning.  Invite friends and family!

We are also having a Good Friday worship night with baptisms, so if you are ready to get baptized, we would love to celebrate with you.  That event will be at the Link Church, who also graciously houses our youth group.  More info to come!

We are saving up to buy a new digital sound board as our old board is about to bite the bullet.  Jesus has kept it going longer than it should have, for sure, but it is definitely time to upgrade.  If you’d like to help us with that fund (about $4000), mark your giving envelopes “Chris and Matt’s High Maintenance Fund”.  Just kidding.  “Sound board” will do just fine.  I do love our very talented team, but they sure are needy! 😉

We have a North Creek soccer team!  If you’d like to be a part of a weekend team, contact Amanda at 360-624-7445 or email  We are still looking for a few more players!

After Easter we are going to be providing various “North Creek U” classes that teach various aspects of the Bible.  Some will be strictly foundational Bible topics, some will be financial classes to help you with budgeting and debt, and some will be life help topics, such as social media help for parents of teens.  We will randomly schedule short term classes on Sunday mornings to come along side of you as you grow in your walk with Jesus.  If you are gifted in a particular topic and are interested in teaching, shoot me an email at

On that note, have a truly incredible week as you live for Jesus!  Be blessed!