Monthly Archives: May 2009

Kennedy is officially three years old today! What a ride she has put us on! She literally fell out of my womb three years ago, before the doctor was even in the room, and she hasn’t stopped running since.

She is an “all or nothing” type of girl who loves to be held and thinks the world revolves around her. She giggles from the pit of her belly and a smile in never far from her lips. She can throw a fit that will rival anyone, but don’t let her little pout fool you! She doesn’t stay mad long at all! There is just too much adventure to be had, so there’s no time to waste.

She is athletic and, although her little body seems like it could blow away, she’s as strong as they come. We often look at those big green eyes and straight blond hair and wonder where she came from. She loves to dress up and wear lipstick, but she’s not a girly-girl. Her favorite color is orange, despite the fact that her big sister insists that pink and purple are the ONLY colors in the world.

She’s the most challenging and most enjoyable little thing that I could imagine. She was born just two weeks before we started North Creek Church, and honestly, I see them as twins. So many highs and so much work…

So, to my baby, I’m so glad that you are you. I don’t mind the fact that you need 1000 hugs a day. I don’t mind the fact that sleep is negotiable for you. I don’t mind the fact that you see couches as things to jump off of, not sit on. I like the fact that you keep us guessing and there is no predicability in our relationship. You are my constant reminder that life is an adventure.

I love you.


Last night we had a board meeting at our house. I was the babysitter for a few kids, and after a while I suggested a movie…like all babysitters do when faced with three rambunctious toddlers. One child picked a movie about Christmas. It’s not my three year old daughter’s favorite movie because the graphics are poor and the storyteller is S….L….O….W. Kennedy doesn’t know the name of the movie, but she does know that it’s about the baby Jesus.

After a bit, she marched away from the movie, down the stairs, stomped into the middle of the board meeting and announced, “Dad! I don’t like Jesus!” Now, I know that she was talking about a movie and so do you. But I’m not sure that the board was as impressed with the pastor’s daughter announcing that she doesn’t like Jesus! Gotta leave it to Kennedy!

What a weekend! On Saturday we had 52 teenagers show up from Everett, WA to serve our church. They passed out 2900 postcards on people’s doorways with free latte coupons, they cleaned up our weed-ridden parking lot, and helped with many other little projects around the place. Thank you to each of you who came to help us!

Here are my highlights from Sunday:

I met an great new young couple that was looking for a laid back church…can you say “North Creek?” They said they had a great time with us that morning (it could have been the Rock Stars they were drinking…), but that is really our goal for a person’s first visit. Although spiritual issues are important, our first goal is simply to make you feel like you just walked into your home. Relax! Enjoy yourself! Get to know our hearts!

We had several new older people. I want more people who are over the age of 60 around me! They have wisdom that I need, want and miss coming from traditional churches. One older gentlemen said that he was trying our church because his was a little too “quiet”…well, come on in!!!!!

Our attendance was 130 on a holiday weekend! I was a little worried about having crickets chirping in the main auditorium on Sunday, but I was pleasantly pleased with lots of guests! Church is just simply more fun with people there.

My niece, Rosanna, was with me all weekend. She’s 20 and lots of fun to have around. My girls like her alot and she makes a mean batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. Yes, that makes her perfect.

Will is an awesome man of God who has a great call of God on his life. I can’t wait to see where he and Sarah end up in the world!

Mark’s message is haunting me. It was about keeping your word and your commitments. I have sure noticed some of the things that I’ve told my girls this week that I haven’t been able to follow through on…ugh. I’m trying!!!!!!!!!!! If you missed the message you should listen to it online at…if you dare….

I missed those of you who were out of town this weekend. I hope you enjoyed yourselves on little mini-vacations! It’s nice to get away! Now come back. I want to see you again soon!

Yesterday was just an all around LONG day. Three very difficult conversations and about a dozen other things that made me want to crawl in my bed and start again…or not start again! As I prayed God reminded me to speak life over myself, the people of North Creek, and circumstances that could weigh me (and you) down. It is amazing how the words that fall out of our mouths can either destroy us or build us up…even when we are just talking to ourselves.

So, here’s my God-edited version of my thought life as an example for you of how to speak over your difficult circumstances:

The people in our church walk in integrity and truth at all costs.

My children are obedient. They are kind, considerate, love Jesus, and are destined to impact the nations with their lives. They are blessed and touched by God. They will never fall to the temptations that surround them, but will walk in righteousness before the Lord.

The marriages of North Creek are healthy, whole, strong, and well. The lusts of this world do not touch the people of our church. There is a hedge of protection around the people of North Creek.

This is our church. This church is not built on the back of any one man, but it is built on the Word of God. We work together towards the common goal of the mission of God. People care deeply about growing our church because of the impact that Jesus has had on their lives.

The people of North Creek say what they mean and mean what they say. We don’t hide from conflict and when we say something, it’s as good as gold. We stay true to our word and our commitments.

We have all that we need financially. God has poured out his blessing on my family and those families that are faithful to God’s promise of tithing and generous giving. God said that those who give to his storehouse will be abundantly blessed. That’s me. I claim it. I own it. I walk in that victory. Deuteronomy 28 says I take a loan from no man because I have more than I need.

I can handle the housework that seems overwhelming. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If I get overwhelmed, God will give me the focus and strength to accomplish what he has given me to do. I will not get discouraged because we do not serve a God of discouragement. My Word says, “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” That’s my verse. I own that one, too. God gave it to me as a promise that I can walk through this life with the joy of the Lord.

The teenagers of North Creek are warriors for Christ. They know right and wrong and they DO IT. They are set apart. A people that stand out from the “norm” and change their schools with purity and integrity.

Our team is blessed and refreshed. They do not get weary in doing good, but they have lives of balance and order.

Today is going to be a great day. I’m not settling for anything less than living the adventure of God. Bring it on, God.


Mark began a great sermon series on Sunday called Words. I picked up on this verse to think about throughout the week:

James 3:2
We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.

A silly little thing like words keep us from being perfect. Isn’t that so true??? We try so hard to “do” the right things, but most of the time if we would just “say” the right things, it would be so much better. How we speak is definitely the thing that we should all be working on ALL of the time. It’s so easy to say something hurtful or speak before having all of the information. I think we’ve all had that moment where we have a pit in our stomach from something inappropriate that we have said.

We use words as weapons or to invoke pity. We use them to manipulate or to offend people. We use them to get ahead and we use them to change people’s perceptions of other people. We use sarcasm to deflect our true feelings and we tell jokes that would make our mother’s blush. We take a tool that God gave us to uplift and encourage and constantly use it wrong.

I know that it’s something I work on a lot…and fail a lot, too. But my commitment remains to do whatever it takes to get my mouth in check. Especially as a Christian! I’m not alone in the fight…I have the Holy Spirit inside of me to check my heart. And, if I will listen, he will be clear when it’s time to shut my mouth!