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Happy Easter!!!  I pray your weekend was full of joy, hope, and peace in the resurrection of Jesus!  I love the story of a crucified and risen Savior.  And honestly, Saturday is my favorite part…it’s the day where Jesus-followers felt alone and abandoned…but the next day changed everything.  It is my reminder when I feel alone, tomorrow is a new day with a new hope!

We had an amazing Good Friday service at our Battle Ground campus.  About 160 people joined us in a night filled with music, reminders, and communion.  We spent time remembering that our sin has been nailed to a cross and we are free!

Thank you to our worship department for an incredible amount of work and prayer to make that evening a success.  We are grateful for your hearts and talents.  We appreciate each of you and are grateful to partner with you to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus!

We headed into Sunday with a beautiful sunny day and four great services with a total of 450 people joining us.  We celebrated with a couple dozen people who raised their hands to declare a personal “Comeback” to Jesus!

Our Deaf Church included an Easter play to visually show the power of the resurrection story!  They had a packed service and a potluck afterward to celebrate together.  Pastor Jim got to pray with a man who wanted Jesus in his heart as well…that’s what it is all about!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked on Easter Sunday.  We are “Door Holders” in the house of God to allow other people to walk in and hear the message.  We appreciate your time and energy that makes North Creek what it is!

Our KidCity classes knocked it out of the park with stations that walked them through the story of God, each with tactile objectives to help our kids learn the story in a hands-on way.  We have great kid’s ministries!

On top of all of the Easter excitement, our youth ministry at Hazel Dell turned 5 years old on Thursday!  Happy Birthday to the Difference!  You are an amazing group of teenagers and we love you!

And on to the next thing!  Our small groups launch in about a month and we are looking for leaders.  The summer semester is SUPER fun to lead…anything goes…Bible study, dinner group, workout group, hiking group, ANYTHING that gets our people connecting in healthy relationships.  They are also short at only 6-8 weeks long, so it is a short and fun commitment.  Throw your idea out to Kari at ASAP so we can get you equipped to facilitate.  Thank you for being a part of investing in people!

Whew!  Our family is gearing up for my daughter’s gymnastics State Meet this weekend, so we are still in full-speed mode.  We can’t wait to watch her shine!

Thanks for being a great church!  Isn’t it profound to have the privilege to tell the world about Jesus?



Such a gorgeous weekend!  For all you students, we hope you enjoyed Spring Break.  Couldn’t have been any nicer weather!

Battle Ground enjoyed a packed house last weekend.  Awesome!   We would love for you to volunteer one Sunday a month as we grow.  You can find the volunteer form at

Over at Hazel Dell we finished most of the parking lot and were pretty excited to say goodbye to our previous mud pit.  Thank you to the dozens of people who have come to help over the last four months of getting this building painted, cleaned, and looking sharp!  We still have lots of details to nail out, but all of the immediate problems are dealt with and we can function well in our new home.

Easter weekend is next weekend!  Plan on joining us twice if possible.  First for our Good Friday Celebration at Battle Ground and then again on Sunday for our Easter services.  We cherish the story of the death and resurrection of our Savior and look forward to sharing it with you.  Invite a friend!  Everybody is welcome at the Coffee Church.

On Sunday we expect extra people for our services.  You can help us by doing two things:  1. Come a little early.  It gives extra time for kid’s checkin, getting a cup of coffee, and getting into service.  2. Fill in the seats in the front and middle of rows first to better accommodate those people coming in after you.

That being said, we have great parking, plenty of chairs, and lots of coffee, so it will be a wonderful morning!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Caleb!  He wore a crown on Sunday and told me he was turning three, so I think he deserves a shout out.  I think we should all wear crowns on our birthdays…

Well, I hope this week is filled with love, peace, and joy in your life.  The Good News is that we serve a God who took away all of our sin and we are truly all walking comeback stories!  Be blessed!


It is just one week until we unroll a weekend worth of honoring our crucified, yet risen Christ!  Easter is my favorite holiday of all and such an amazing reminder that our sin has been nailed to a cross and we are FREE!  It means everything to me and I cannot wait to celebrate.

If you have never been to church, you are welcome.  No need to dress up or be perfect.  Just come and be rest assured that you are in good company of people with scars, pasts, and faults.  We all have one thing in common…Christ died for us and we are no longer bound by what we were.

Here are the events that you can join us for as we set aside time to hear the story of Jesus once again.

Friday, April 18 Good Friday Services


Join us for a unique Good Friday Celebration on Friday April 18th. We believe that Jesus’ death made a way for us to have life. It will be one of the most creative approaches to telling that story. The night is hosted by Pastor Chris Harold with Matt Garner, Alissa Fisher and the North Creek Band. Grab a friend and don’t miss this.

This event is located at North Creek Church in Battle Ground, WA (Next to Maple Grove Elementary).

Childcare is provided up to ages 5. Your older children are welcome to enjoy the night with you.

Sunday, April 20 Easter Services

All four of our services will be dedicated to telling the story of the resurrection of Jesus!  Everybody is welcome!  Kids will have their own special services with a gift.

Hazel Dell – 811 NE 88th Circle, Vancouver, 98665

9:30 am

11:00 am

Battle Ground – 500 SW Eaton Blvd, Battle Ground, 98604

10:00 am – Regular service

11:30 am – Deaf Church (not a translated service, but designed completely for the deaf)


We are looking forward to having you as a part of North Creek’s Easter weekend!  Be blessed!

Well, the sunshine finally made it’s debut in the Pacific Northwest, so I guess I won’t be moving to Hawaii after all!  I am LOVING the weather and my garden is thanking me for some much needed attention!

Hey, Hazel Dell – did you notice that the parking lot is transforming?  It was a crazy week of earth movers, dump trucks, pressure washers, and bark dust, but we made a lot of progress!  It will look much better in the upcoming weeks.  At this point, we need some manpower to turn the dirt on the second berm.  If you have some time, email and he can give you specifics.  You can come anytime!

As we began the process of working on the parking lot, it was amazing to watch people step up and donate their time, resources, and money to help.  We have such an amazing church and we very much appreciate working alongside of you!  Well, digging roots in the rain wasn’t all that great, but normally we appreciate it!

Battle Ground had a flood of guests this weekend!  Thanks so much for visiting with us!

The way that you can most help us on Sundays is simple…show up 15 minutes before service.  Your presence in the building, drinking coffee, and shaking hands is priceless.

We are neck deep in our series, “In Case of Fire”, which is about Heaven and Hell.  On Sunday, we talked about Heaven in Battle Ground and Hell in Hazel Dell.  You have to appreciate the irony of that sentence…

Shout out to our worship team!  I love this group of people and they work SO hard to bring us an atmosphere of worship every weekend.  You are wonderful!

Our small groups are all closing out for the semester.  I will miss mine…mostly because of the people, but also we had incredible food. Great people talking about a great God over great food….I’m pretty sure that’s about as Biblical as you get!

Happy ONE month anniversary to our new youth group in Battle Ground!  They are knocking it out of the park and we could not be more excited about both of our groups of teenagers.

Easter is coming on April 20.  Invite a friend!  All services will be scheduled as usual.

Also, we have an event to write on your calendar!  Good Friday, April 18, we are having a concert at our Battle Ground campus to kick off the Easter Celebration weekend.  Join us!

So much going on and so much to do!  Hope you are blessed!


Well, I wasn’t at church on Sunday, but I heard great things, so I’ll share them!

This last Saturday we had our Financial Class lead by Rick Donovan.  He did an amazing job!  We will be sure to do more things like that to help you live a life of financial freedom.  Thank you so much, Rick, for using the tools God has given you to bless people.

In the same vein, we have an amazing volunteer and staff team that are completely capable of leading this church on mission and with passion!  I feel entirely fortunate to work alongside each and every one of you.

I also appreciate our church for blessing me to miss several Sundays this spring to attend my daughter’s gymnastics meets.  It has been such an incredible journey with only the State competition left!  She just completed Sectionals where she took 1st place and was asked to be a part of the All Star team at State.  Someday I will blog the whole story, but I felt like God told me she was going to be a gymnast when she was 2 years old.  To see her do so well is awesome…and a little crazy!

I forgot to highlight last week that our kids went to Nitro Kid’s Conference last weekend and had a BLAST!  Both of my girls were on that trip and I so appreciate the leaders who gave up a good night’s sleep to invest in our kids.

We are having some pressure washing done at the Hazel Dell campus to get a jump start on the exterior work that has to be done…if you haven’t noticed, it’s a lot.  If you’d like to give extra this month to help alleviate the cost, it will be several hundred dollars when all is said and done.  We hope to have the outside of both campuses looking in tip-top shape by Easter!

We have two workdays scheduled at Hazel Dell.  They are this Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Bring gardening tools if you can make it!  Kids welcome to help.  At Battle Ground, we have some minor weeding that can be done at your convenience.  Bring your tools there as well!

Also, our worship team is BUSY getting ready for our Good Friday service.  There is only ONE at the Battle Ground campus on April 18, so plan to make the trip if you don’t live there.  It will be WORTH IT and an incredible way to honor Christ this Easter season.

Did I mention that Easter is on April 20?  Invite a friend!

Small groups are ending for the semester.  It has been so much fun!  We are looking for some new leaders for our summer groups, so if you are interested, let me know and my people can talk to your people!

Be blessed!