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We’re back from the missions trip!  I love our country and I missed our churches!  It was great to be back in the familiar territory.  After a few flight delays we were home by 2:00 am.  Ouch!  Good thing we attend the Caffeine Church.

We had an amazing time, which I’ll blog about this week.  Such an amazing experience serving our missionaries, Jamie and Berly Bello.

Church was great yesterday!  Mark was at Battle Ground talking about listening when God speaks.  Really GOOD!  Chris was over at Battle Ground nailing out Samson.  I love the Amazing Stories series because it’s awesome to relive the Bible stories.

We are gearing up for our Fall Kick Off and believing God for even more miracles as we go forward.  We have had a truly amazing summer with 25 baptisms, a phenomenal youth camp, missions trip, deaf youth camp, and now this morning the Kid’s left for camp.  God is doing an incredible work in our midst.

Speaking of Kid’s Camp…would you pray this week for our 20 students who have a great opportunity to meet with God?  I may be praying enough for all of us as my oldest daughter is there for the first time.  Nonetheless, pray anyway.

I heard Jordan knocked worship out of the park at Battle Ground yesterday.  Way to go!  God has amazing plans for that man’s life!

The best part of ministry:  Watching lives being changed by God right before our eyes.  The saddest part of ministry: watching people missing out on how much God is moving because they don’t like the way it’s being accomplished.  Too many people in too many churches spend too much time grumbling about things that are too unimportant.  Learned that in America and the DR.

Speaking of God moving…we are doing baptisms at Battle Ground on Aug. 12 and Hazel Dell on Aug. 19 to catch a few people who might not have been available on our last two opportunities.  If you’d like to be baptized, you can sign up HERE.

Thank to Vanessa Thalhofer for all of her hard work getting the details done for our missions trip!  We love and appreciate you!

We want you as a volunteer!  We need one more volunteer in every area at every campus.  Would you take a moment and sign up HERE?  It’s a great way to meet some people before small groups start in late September.

I hope you have a great week!  We love being your pastors and can’t wait to see all that God does in your life.  He is worth serving!


We are hours away from getting on a plane and heading back to Portland from an amazing week in the Dominican Republic.  A missions trip basically makes the world seem smaller and bigger at the same time.  Smaller because you realize that people are the same in every nation of every language.  They want to be loved, included, valued, and feel like someone out there thinks they are important.  It also makes the world bigger because you realize that the work God is doing is not local and special to our area, but He is working in the hearts and lives of BILLIONS of His children…and He’s got it all under control.  What a great God!

I know that all of us are leaving a piece of our hearts on this island today.  We have fallen in love with the people, the culture, and a completely different way of life.  A few of those differences are: Read More

While I am away on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic I have asked Chris Harold to guest blog the weekly Coffee Church Highlights Post. Chris recently left his corporate gig to join North Creek as our Executive Pastor.
I will continue to blog about the Missions Trip, so check back often for updates. If you have not yet subscribed to my new blog, please enter your email into the subscription box below this post.

This week we took another step in our series “Amazing Stories”. Pastor Wayne Summers looked at an often unnoticed man in the Bible named Barnabas. From this amazing story Wayne challenged the church to encourage the very people we do life with. At our Hazel campus Pastor Lee Malone looked at Read More