July 22nd Coffee Church Highlights

While I am away on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic I have asked Chris Harold to guest blog the weekly Coffee Church Highlights Post. Chris recently left his corporate gig to join North Creek as our Executive Pastor.
I will continue to blog about the Missions Trip, so check back often for updates. If you have not yet subscribed to my new blog, please enter your email into the subscription box below this post.

This week we took another step in our series “Amazing Stories”. Pastor Wayne Summers looked at an often unnoticed man in the Bible named Barnabas. From this amazing story Wayne challenged the church to encourage the very people we do life with. At our Hazel campus Pastor Lee Malone looked at the struggle between King Saul and the future king David; a struggle that affected the entire trajectory of a nation. Lee challenged the church to act as David did towards Saul, with an attitude of forgiveness. If our day-to-day lives could only be marked by two characteristics I would want it to be encouragement and forgiveness.

This Sunday we had a few people sign-up to volunteer in one of our Environments. Welcome to the team! We are excited that you chose to partner with us.

At North Creek we make it really easy to volunteer by ensuring you serve where you’re gifted and when you have the opportunity. Whether it’s twice a month or once every 6 weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in what’s happening at North Creek.

If you have been wondering how to make a difference in your community one of the first steps is to begin volunteering in one of our environments. Serving in and through the local church is a great way to help your community experience the very identity of Jesus Christ. We are extremely fortunate to have a large group of volunteers leading in our community, but the reality is; every time a person volunteers with us the farther His Name will spread. If you would like to join well over a hundred people that serve at one of our campuses please click here to get the process started.

Just around the corner is Kids Camp and we are thrilled to have 21 kids going this year! This week, in our Kid City environment, our experienced camp kids passed on insider tips (kind of like a cheat sheet) to the soon-to-be first timers. If there is one thing our kids love to do its help their friends get into all kinds of… fun. If your child came home from church so pumped-up for camp that they couldn’t sleep then I would offer an apology, but I’ll save that for when they return from camp and can’t stop talking about the things God did and the incredible fun they had.

I wanted to leave you with a wonderful note we received this weekend. It clearly shows what the power of community is all about and is a great reminder of why we exist.

“Dear North Creek Church,

Thank you for the awesome support and love shown to me and my family after losing my job.  My church family is the best!  I cannot imagine going through life without the Coffee Church.”

That was just a small part of the happenings at the stateside Coffee Church. Be sure to check back for updates from the Caribbean Coffee Church (that has a nice ring to it) as Stacy continues to blog about our mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

Be sure to encourage and forgive this week!

See you soon.


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