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Sunday sounded like a great day all around!  I was out of town at my daughter’s gymnastics meet, so I had to stay up to date by texts and phone calls!  We have a very capable team, so they really didn’t miss me on a logistical level, but nonetheless, I wanted to know how everyone was and what Jesus was doing at North Creek.  It’s hard to be away from family!

2016022195114112We also had our Annual Business Meeting on Sunday to let everyone know how we ended for 2015.  It was a year full of some monumental change, but God was so faithful through it all!  If you missed the meeting, you can still pick up the booklet next Sunday.

As we announced, we have a contract on the Battle Ground building. We’ve already got a lot of questions about buying a new building.  Here’s the facts at the moment: there’s not much on the market right now that works for a church, this process will take a while, and we need to build our monthly giving to put us in the best possible situation for our next step!  In the meantime, pray, give, and get ready!

Our youth group right now is in the middle of a teaching series that is entirely preached by teenagers.  I love that!  There is no better way to engage students in ministry than to make them wrestle with what the Word of God is saying and how they can best share that with people in an impactful way.  We have an AMAZING youth ministry that I am so proud of!

Growth Groups are going very, very well.  I am in love with our new format of every other week with Bible based discussion.  You can jump in any time, so get online and sign up now!

Thanks to Meghan for teaching for Andrea in KidCity last week!  We love our kid’s team and are grateful for the investment they make into our most valuable people!

Are you ready to get baptized?  We are doing baptisms on March 25th and would love to have you as a part of that! REGISTER HERE

It was a long weekend for me personally as one of my daughter’s broke her hand and my other daughter had a really rough gymnastics meet.  I was SO proud of how they both faced their challenges with grace, good attitudes, and determined hearts.  Perhaps the best lesson that we can teach our kids is how to handle setbacks.  It’s so important to get right back up and keep going when you go through a rough patch.  On to better days!

I hope your week is full of Jesus!  See you next Sunday!

Be blessed!

delaneyHappy Valentine’s Day!!!!  On Sunday my oldest daughter, Delaney, made a Valentine for everyone in the church so that nobody would leave that day feeling unloved.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference in our world!

Last week I forgot to highlight that our students had an incredible time at Generation Unleashed conference.  God did some truly amazing things in the hearts and lives of our teenagers!  The Difference Youth Church is doing really well reaching this generation for the cause of Jesus.  If you have a teenager that needs a positive, Jesus-centered place to learn about God and His Word, join us on Thursday nights.

We officially have a signed contract for the sale of the Battle Ground building!  It won’t be an official sale for 60-90 days, so please continue to pray for God’s will to be done.  We will begin looking for the right facility, but the market is currently limited, so we will patiently wait for the right building as we continue to grow at Prairie High School.

Are you totally unfamiliar with church and Jesus?  We invite you to come.  North Creek was created and set up for people who have no idea about Christianity and just want some time and opportunity to figure it out for themselves.  You are welcome to be a part of our church while you discover what you believe.

Save the date!  For three Sundays (April 17 – May 1), we are having a class to help you understand the framework of the Bible.  More info coming soon, but if you want some foundational teaching on the history and application of the Word of God, we’ll have a 30 minute class on Sunday mornings.

Are you ready to get baptized?  We have a date coming up to baptize people and we’d love to include you.  Go to and fill out the baptism form.

This was a Facebook post that I loved this week: “Took my mom to church today. I’m pretty sure that was the first time ever. ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎northcreek”  This is my favorite!  God changes hearts and lives!  There is freedom when we walk with Him, so invite a friend.

I love what God is doing at North Creek Church.  As we have walked through transition, it has been so incredible to watch the power of God alive and well in the midst of challenges.  And a side note…we have the most incredible staff team on the planet!  The integrity and faith by which they execute their lives is humbling and inspiring.  I would go through fire with them any day!  I could not be more excited to be a part of North Creek and the amazing future we are running into.

Here we go!!!!


Such a jammed packed weekend of people and fun!  Congrats to the Broncos on their Super Bowl win!

2016-02-07 12.21.32Our good friends, Jeff and Angela, came down for the weekend.  They helped plant our church 10 years ago and it was SO good to laugh, reminisce and catch up with their beautiful family!  I had forgotten some of the most funny things about our early years as a church and I was literally rolling laughing over some of the memories.  I am so grateful for the journey!  Isn’t this a great picture of three of my favorite guys on this planet?  So grateful for their friendship and partnership on the mission of Jesus.

Growth Groups started with great success this week!  ALL of them were strong and had wonderful discussion over 1 Peter.  If you’d still like to jump in, please do so!  They are open groups that discuss the previous sermon.  They also meet every other week, so it is an easy and fruitful commitment to make to help get to know some new friends.  One of them is a Young Adults group that is doing really well, so if you are on the younger side of life, this is a good way to get connected.  You can sign up anytime at

We had a fun Super Bowl party on Sunday afternoon with a house full of people and kids!  I’m not a football fan, but I am a people fan, so it was nice to be with friends and family for the afternoon.

2016-02-07 10.37.53I am LOVING watching the children worship in KidCity.  If you have a heart for kids, talk with Andrea about how you can be involved!  It is such a blessing to see the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and lives of our young ones.  Speaking of kids…our Youth Camp is June 27 – July 1 and our Kid’s Camp is July 11 – 15.  It’s always around $300, but worth every penny!  Save those dates and the registration forms will come in a couple of months.

Our Annual Business Meeting is coming up on February 21.  It will be at Prairie High School from 11:30 to 12:00 pm.  We will keep the meeting to the top priorities and then we will hand you the current financial info and a packet with a report from each department so you can read about all of the good things happening at North Creek.  Please plan on attending that meeting if you consider North Creek your home church.

I love what God is doing at our church.  God has used various changes to remind us of our purpose and we are stronger than ever.  Nothing else matters except leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  Are you on mission with us?  The world needs Jesus and North Creek will be a beacon to those searching for Him.

On a sad note, Skyview High School lost a student this week unexpectedly.  Zayne Shomler was a friend to many of our students and we grieve with this family deeply.  Will you pray for those that knew and loved this young man?

And students…don’t walk this road alone.  Call a loving adult, show up to youth group, surround yourself with caring friends…grief is overwhelming and confusing.  If you don’t talk to someone, it can literally swallow you whole.  You are loved, valued, and cherished by the God of the universe.  He won’t let you go.

Be blessed.

God is so good!  He takes us on journeys that are full of ups, downs, twists, and turns, but He never lets go.  He just NEVER let’s go!

No news to report yet on the sale of our Battle Ground campus, but stay tuned!

By the way, we have our Annual Business meeting at Prairie High School at 11:30 am on Sunday, February 21 following service.  We will have a booklet with comprehensive info and we’ll go over the most relevant and get you out to lunch!  Childcare will be provided.  This meeting is for anyone that calls North Creek home.

Also, a good date to note is our Good Friday service on March 25.  More info is coming soon, but mark your calendars as we will be doing baptisms this night!  Want to get baptized?  Fill out a form at

Hasn’t worship been awesome lately?  If you pray and read your Bible throughout the week, you won’t believe how much better Sundays get as we corporately worship together.  Our relationship with Jesus is not a pit-stop on the weekend, but rather a daily filling of His mighty power!  Dive in!

Growth Groups kicked off this week and so far, SO GOOD!  We switched it around this time to be every other week and our curriculum is a discussion based on the chapter of the Bible that was preached on the previous Sunday.  We had our group last night and it was the BOMB!  Such a great group of people!  I heard the same about Harold’s group and the Young Adults as well.  The Matekovich’s group is tonight, so if you want to get it on the first one, you can still sign up online at  I know they have a room for just a few more, so get on it!  We will add more groups when the others are full, so feel free to jump in anytime.  If you have questions, email Chris at

We are currently looking for four more volunteers for Kid’s Checkin for one Sunday a month.  Easy, but important job!  You can sign up to volunteer for this or any other job at  All kid-related jobs will require a background check.

I’m apparently having a Super Bowl party…it’s a long story… Anyway, if you need a place to go for the Super Bowl, email me at  Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and a snack to share.  I’m also inviting all the teenagers and young adults, ’cause they’re the life of the party!  Kids are always welcome.  We’ll have multiple TV’s, but the Seahawks aren’t playing, so who cares? 😉

People need Jesus.  Share with someone this week about the love of Christ in your life.  He is worthy of your praise!

Be blessed!