Monthly Archives: November 2009

It’s the end of another month! This year clicked by so quickly I can hardly remember it. Yesterday was a remarkable day for me at North Creek. Here’s my highlights:

We had a guest who came last week for the first time to church in their life. Six days later, on Saturday night, they decided to take their own life. As they began that process, they thought of the friend that had brought them to church last Sunday and the message about how valuable we are to God. Instead of continuing with that plan, they called for help, went to the hospital, and got home in time to come back to church this Sunday. They said, “My friend and this church saved me.” They don’t know it yet, but it was Jesus who saved them and we just got the joy of being a part of it. There is nothing more fitting than the fact that the sermon text for this morning was Psalm 139. Go to and read about how God knit us together and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I have a feeling that God needed that person to hear it at just that time.

Another young man who was in church for the first time last week came back excited to hear more about the parenting series. He’s just out of high school, but he’s got some wounds in his heart from his own parents and this series is helping him understand what a Godly parent looks like. We’ve all got to do our best to live up to that!

After those two moments yesterday, I was a blubbering mess. We sang about how “God can move the mountains” and that “He is mighty to save.” If you’ve ever doubted that God still moves mountains, you can rest assured.

Read this quote on Facebook from one of our congregants, “Am having a wonderful day that started with an amazing sermon by Pastor Mark at NCC…the most amazing people I have ever met are there…I love you all, God Bless You!” I completely agree that the most amazing people I have ever met are at this church.

I love being a part of a church where so many people are having their FIRST church experience in our doors. That keeps me up at night and gives me even more of a reason to protect our church from division, gossip, pettiness, and everything the New Testament warns churches about. We have a MISSION. It can’t be compromised because the stakes are just too high.

We are plowing forward with a dream to reach even younger people in our community. Although we are a very young church, we still have a small percentage of 18-25 year olds comparatively. We have started the ball rolling to begin to build a team around us to create a church that is a great experience for a genre of people who need independence and guidance all at the same time.

My daughter, Delaney, has surgery on her ears tomorrow. Please take a moment and pray for her quick recovery and complete healing of her hearing!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Last week I walked into the office at work and saw a coat laying on the desk. I stopped and stared at it for a minute. I was stopped in my tracks because it was MY coat. The problem was that I didn’t even know that it was missing (and had been missing for 4 days!). I kept looking at it trying to figure out why something so valuable had gone unnoticed in my life.

Isn’t that the way our relationship with Jesus is? When you first find Jesus in your life, you are just in shock that you found something valuable that you may not have even realized was missing. You see, most of us think we have it so together until we find perfection in Jesus and see all of the flaws and needs in our own flesh.

I often hear people say that they don’t need Jesus in their life, but it’s just like my coat. If they walk into a circumstance and there He is, they’ll sure be glad that they found Him. He may just warm up your life a little, too!

There is so much to be thankful for in this life! In spite of all of the hardships we face, there is always a reason to rejoice when you know Jesus!

I am thankful for so many things in my life:

My husband…I’m blessed! He’s just a really great person through and through. I am honored to be his bride in the good times and the tough times.

My kids…two little joys! I love each of their personalities for very different reasons and I am so thankful that God is lending me those angels for a while!

My church…I love that people’s lives are being changed all of the time. It’s constantly humbling and motivating at the same time. I can’t believe I GET to do this!

My family and friends…the list is long and beautiful. I am surrounded by people that love and support me for who I am and at the same time help me to grow. What more can you ask for?

My home…I work at a winter overflow homeless shelter, so this is particularily true as I tell 40 people goodnight in one room. I am thankful for my privacy and my comfort level. Even though the value has dropped and the mortgage is a pain, I still have the peace and quiet that I cherish.

My family’s health…I’m glad that my body is working and that my kids and husband are strong. I look forward with great anticaption to Dec. 1 when Delaney gets surgery for her ears and can hear again. I am thankful that her hearing problems are not permanent. I am thankful that a doctor can change her life with a simple procedure.

My parents and in-laws…I am very thankful that I have two sets of extended family that are involved in our lives in a healthy way. My kids know all 4 of their grandparents…both sets have been married for over 40 years! The legacy above us is one of hard working, good people who are committed to doing the right thing. I’m glad that’s in my kid’s DNA!

My life…I was born in America. Even though our country is full of issues, the fact is that just being born here means that we are wealthier, healthier, and have more opportunities than most people in the world. Our job is not to take that lightly and to make something of ourselves given all that we have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Church highlights from my favorite place:

I worked in the Great Adventure class at 9:00 with the K-5th graders. It was so much fun! Parents – volunteer in your kids class once in a while – it will change your life! Pastor Kim has created an environment where our kids feel really free to be themselves. My “shy” daughter lead worship, acted out a charade (including a cartwheel), and talked about her talents that God has given her in small group. There is another boy who has a background of difficulties in classes at school that practically runs the place. He does media sometimes, helps lead younger boys, and carries an authority in class. I’m not sure how, but Kim has allowed kids to be their best and they are living up to it. Skip service and go watch your kids be incredible. You won’t regret it!

We had a board meeting yesterday afternoon. It’s really a hilarious ride for 2 hours. At our last board meeting in October we talked about three significant things. At this board meeting we reversed all of those decisions because the circumstances changed. Welcome to leading a young church! Things flip quickly around here…

Mark and I have been very burdened for the 18-25 year old crowd lately. They are leaving the churches of America in droves. I look at our youth ministry and grieve the possibility that they may walk away from our church and church in general when they graduate. Mark these words: North Creek will do something about this trend. We’ve got to create a church structure that bridges the gap from youth ministry to graduates to young married to young parents.

We announced yesterday that Jeff and Angela are moving back to Seattle for a job opportunity. Most people already knew because we believe that you should hear it firsthand, if possible, rather than corporately. Many churches make sweeping announcements and we really try to avoid that. It’s awful to be sitting in church and be waiting for the “announcement bomb” to drop. We are really going to miss Jeff and Angela. They are irreplaceable, but nonetheless, it is our job to make people’s dreams come true. Sometimes that means letting go. Their last Sunday will be December 6.

Speaking of December 6, we are baptizing people that day! I love baptisms! If you need to get “dunked”, let me know and we’ll add you to the list.

Have a great week!

This week I’ve been a little discouraged about life in general. I am normally a very upbeat type and don’t often let the issues of the world overwhelm me, but this has been a long week. It just seemed like there was a lot of suffering and issues surrounding the people in my life and it was just a lot to carry. So, how do I deal with it when I am discouraged?

Well, I remind myself that I don’t see everything as clearly as God. He’s got a different perspective and a full view of the ups and downs in the world. Did you know that our vision is limited to approximately 10,000 colors? And we are able to see a very small light spectrum. Even as we walk on this earth we are missing reality…For what it’s worth, there are infrared rainbows all around us all the time. We just can’t see them.

So, when I look at a situation and it seems so impossible or so frustrating, I remind myself that there are rainbows surrounding those circumstances…sometimes I just can’t see them. God has a full view and he’s got the right perspective. He sees the beauty where I only see despair. He makes all things right in the end.

If you’re struggling this week, just remember you are surrounded by brilliance.