November 22

Church highlights from my favorite place:

I worked in the Great Adventure class at 9:00 with the K-5th graders. It was so much fun! Parents – volunteer in your kids class once in a while – it will change your life! Pastor Kim has created an environment where our kids feel really free to be themselves. My “shy” daughter lead worship, acted out a charade (including a cartwheel), and talked about her talents that God has given her in small group. There is another boy who has a background of difficulties in classes at school that practically runs the place. He does media sometimes, helps lead younger boys, and carries an authority in class. I’m not sure how, but Kim has allowed kids to be their best and they are living up to it. Skip service and go watch your kids be incredible. You won’t regret it!

We had a board meeting yesterday afternoon. It’s really a hilarious ride for 2 hours. At our last board meeting in October we talked about three significant things. At this board meeting we reversed all of those decisions because the circumstances changed. Welcome to leading a young church! Things flip quickly around here…

Mark and I have been very burdened for the 18-25 year old crowd lately. They are leaving the churches of America in droves. I look at our youth ministry and grieve the possibility that they may walk away from our church and church in general when they graduate. Mark these words: North Creek will do something about this trend. We’ve got to create a church structure that bridges the gap from youth ministry to graduates to young married to young parents.

We announced yesterday that Jeff and Angela are moving back to Seattle for a job opportunity. Most people already knew because we believe that you should hear it firsthand, if possible, rather than corporately. Many churches make sweeping announcements and we really try to avoid that. It’s awful to be sitting in church and be waiting for the “announcement bomb” to drop. We are really going to miss Jeff and Angela. They are irreplaceable, but nonetheless, it is our job to make people’s dreams come true. Sometimes that means letting go. Their last Sunday will be December 6.

Speaking of December 6, we are baptizing people that day! I love baptisms! If you need to get “dunked”, let me know and we’ll add you to the list.

Have a great week!

  1. Jamie said:

    I know this is not my home church, but Im sooooo excited to hear about your concern for the college aged population! Theres such a huge need for this particular transitional time. You and your leaders are amazing and I know whatever you all come up with to meet this need in your particular congregation is going to be just as amazing 🙂 Blessings!

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