Monthly Archives: March 2018

We are in full swing with our renovations on our Hwy 99 building!  It’s pretty exciting to watch construction teams, trucks, and cranes begin to dissect the old and replace it with new, functioning material.  I often go to see the progress and dream about what is coming!  I love this building…I know it looks like a haunted house currently, but every time I am there, I see what it will become and I can’t wait!  I am often encouraged by the fact that Jesus sees us the same way…He sees our potential, our worth, and what we can become even when we look like a big, crazy mess.

So, right now we are focused on the roofs while we wait for our last permit to come through, which should be any day now.

The roof on Building A has been leaky for a long time, so our repaired roof with provide a dry environment for years to come.  They had to remove the heating units with a crane to do the roof and the crane will be back to return them.  We also had some work inside to do to remove some existing items to patch the roof appropriately.  All that is finished and the fresh beams are in place.  We also have some electrical and heating work that will be done in the future that will clean up our interior ceilings and make it a beautiful, warm environment.

Building B is by far the biggest challenge as it was empty for decades.  The roof was is very bad shape, which means much more of it will have to be ripped out and replaced.  That work will start in the next couple of weeks and by then we should be in GO mode as our permit will be in hand.

The parking lot will get done farther in the future, so our current plan is to clean every inch of the property and make it shine for our grand opening.  Eventually the parking lot will get additional spaces and really finish off the property, but in the meantime we will move in and enjoy our new home while those plans get finalized.

This Sunday, March 25 we will have a workday from 2 to 6 pm to do some major trash removal from the construction site, some minor demolition of some very rotten wood, and some work on a shed roof that needs some repairs.  If you would like to join us, we will take all of the help we can get.  If you go to another church or just live in the community, come on by!  We know a lot of people want to clean up Hwy 99 and we would love for you to be a part of taking on one of the worst looking buildings on the highway.  Just wait…it’s going to be SO beautiful!

Also, we have a lot of smaller building projects coming down the way, such as shelving, barn doors, etc.  Do you know of any retired woodworkers that would love to come and tinker with us?  We have a very long list and a jobs with a variety of skill sets.  Let me know!

SUPER exciting days ahead as North Creek changes a corner in order to have a place to watch Jesus change lives.

Here’s some photos of the roof repairs: