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IMG_3292Seven years ago we met Kim Goodrich.  She was helping with kids at the church we were at and got wind that we were starting North Creek just a block from where she lived.  She had expressed interest in being a part and we were pretty excited to add someone to our small band of brave people embarking on a crazy journey.

At first glance all those years ago, we weren’t even sure what to make of Kim.  She’s a relentless go-getter and as feisty as a trapped cat.  However, we quickly realized that she’s smart as can be, kind to her core, has an unwavering determination, and will never let the world get her down.  In other words, she was made to start a church.

Through a series of events that we would never have expected or foreseen, God made it clear that our first Children’s Pastor was this very unexpected surprise sitting in our midst.  So, with a bit of trepidation, we brought a Pepsi (her favorite drink) to the office and asked if she could come for a visit.  We slid the Pepsi across the desk and asked her to take the job with a paycheck of $100 a month.  She said yes.

Over the last seven years she has literally bled, sweated, and cried for the mission of this church.  She’s taught the Bible, baptized kids, and loved them through elementary school turmoil.  On top of it all, she took on the task of being our bookkeeper for the first six years of our existence.

We vowed that we would someday pay her full time.

Five years ago we all went on a devastating journey with her as her husband was suddenly diagnosed with MS.  Kim, mother of two elementary kids, was faced with the impossible task of a daunting medical situation, needing a full time job to support her family, and helping her children understand this new reality.  And to make matters worse, we were in no position to hire anyone full time.  So, we watched as she navigated her life outside of the walls of North Creek.  We cried with her on her first day of work.

But a promise is a promise…sometimes with a slightly different timeline than we could ever script.

With Wayne’s resignation last month we were faced with the fact that we needed someone to keep our finances afloat….and we had just the peg for that round hole!  So, it is with great joy that we are officially announcing that Kim has been hired full time as both our Children’s Pastor at Hazel Dell and our Financial/Administrative person for all three campuses and the Learning Center.  Yes, it’s a big job, but trust me, Kim will fill it well!

Kim – Thanks for sticking through this dream with us.  We are humbled by your heart and inspired by your perseverance.  We are grateful that you have loved our kids for seven years and look forward to many, many more.  Let’s change the world!

It’s Spring!  I love the sunshine pouring in and the blooming flowers.  It’s a new season, both in the weather and at North Creek.  So many exciting things in store!

Yesterday was “Leave a Mark” Sunday where we asked for volunteers in all three hearing services and the deaf service.  Let me tell you…we are humbled and amazed at your hearts.  We have always been blessed with lots of volunteers, but we are growing, so we feel like we are constantly asking for more!  Coffee Church problems!  We were thrilled yesterday to add 20+ volunteers in the hearing services and the deaf church blew us out of the water!

If you didn’t sign up to volunteer and you want to, go to and find the volunteer application under the resources tab.  We can use at least one person more in every area, but some main ones we are trying to overload due to excessive growth are: Battle Ground Nursery, Kid City, Tiny Town, and Checkin.  Also Battle Ground media and sound each need one more ASAP.  Hazel Dell needs Kid City and 9:30 am Tiny Town.

We had more guys ask about maintenance than I can count.  That’s a good thing because we have a long and ugly maintenance list!  We look forward to our guys bonding together over hammers and duct tape.  Well, duct tape is how I fix my problems.  Maybe they will come up with a better plan…and no, I did not sign up for the maintenance team.

Why do we want to overload our volunteer schedule?  We want another campus and our systems must be strong before we get there!  Too many people in our community need Jesus to stop now!

We can’t wait for Easter!  Six days!!!!

The Learning Center is open for registration!  If you need a great preschool for your little one, check it out at  It’s going to be a pretty amazing year and I’ve loved hearing all the details unfold.  Amazing changes ahead!

We all have a limited perspective of who walks among us at church every Sunday.  The stories in the room are inspiring.  Take some time and ask people how Jesus changed your life.  Your walk with God will never be dry again because you will see His hand everywhere.  It’s the beauty of the Church!

Our team makes me laugh.  They stuffed Easter gifts yesterday at our staff meeting.  Sometimes we lead a large, multisite organization with a preschool and a deaf church.  Sometimes we put eggs in bags.  And in the end, it’s all important to somebody!

Matt, Alissa, Jordan, and Emily sure do a great job leading worship, don’t they?  We consider ourselves blessed with a team of worshippers who also happen to be talented.  Here’s to watching God use them in amazing ways!

We served free lattes at Battle Ground yesterday to get our systems going for the new espresso bar there.  We’ll be doing that some more in the month to come because now we have more baristas to train!  It’s also our evil scheme to get you there earlier…and it works.

Small groups are closing up this week!  It’s been a great semester.  We’ll be starting them again in about a month, so stay tuned.

Enjoy your week!  See you on Easter!



Facebook timelineI can’t wait for Easter Sunday!  It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year as we take time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  It’s the moment in history that separates every other religion from Christianity.

Without Easter, we serve a dead Christ whose promises were buried in a grave with Him.  With Easter, we serve a living Savior who has defeated death itself and bridged the gap for our sins.  Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Our theme for the morning is “This Changes Everything.”  So many people in our world just need something to change in their lives.  What if Jesus is the change people are looking for?  What if He’s the change YOU’RE looking for?  We want to invite EVERYBODY to join us!  We don’t care if you love church, hate church, are scared of church…we just want you to come and experience what Jesus is all about in an environment where you’ll be love and accepted.

We’ll also have special stuff for all of the kids and a gift to send home with them as well, so your children will be well taken care of!

So, wear whatever you want, grab a cup of coffee on the way in the door, and enjoy Easter morning with us at the Coffee Church.  See you soon!


Wow, what a Sunday!!!  We closed a chapter in our story with the departure of Wayne and Jenny after 20 years of serving Battle Ground.  We know they will bless so many people in their new venture at Lifepoint Church in Vancouver, WA.

We dedicated Baby Nayelli last week at Battle Ground and Baby Hanaye at Hazel Dell this week.  Love our North Creek babies and the life that they represent.

Speaking of babies, we had a toddler in Tiny Town wearing a “Big Brother” shirt to announce his parent’s pregnancy.  Congrats to Eli and Amber!  We are very excited for your family!

We are breaking our attendance records…it’s such a blessing to be a part of a growing church!

Preschool registrations are coming in for the Learning Center!  We have so many amazing changes lined up for the fall and we can’t wait for all of those precious little lives to experience great education in a Jesus centered environment.

If we don’t keep the main thing the main thing, we will be lost.  The mission of God should be the most unifying of all causes on the planet.

Our deaf church is awesome.  Pastor Jim makes me laugh.  And some of his jokes are funny, too.

THANK YOU to Peggy and Ken for helping serve at Wayne and Jenny’s goodbye party on Sunday night.  You are an amazing blessing and I’m so glad that you are a part of this church!

As I type this I am drinking a latte made by our pastors, Mark and Chris.  They preach well, but if that doesn’t work out for them, I’m pretty sure they can open a coffee shop together!

The 3rd-5th grade girls had a little party on Sunday afternoon.  Sugar and nerf guns make for an amazing time!  My daughter loves the friends she has made at church.  The key to helping your kids make friends: come often and give them the opportunities to get to know people!

Meet someone new every Sunday.

We want you to volunteer on Sundays.  It is one of the easiest ways to feel involved and a part of what God is doing in the lives of our people.  You can fill out a volunteer application at under the Resources tab.  Do it now.  No really.  You won’t be sorry!

We are at such an amazing time as a church!  We are growing, seeing families begin to jump in and serve, and feeling like our footing is back after a very tricky season of ministry with the merge one year ago.  We have so many opportunities and so much excitement!  We just can’t wait for God to unfold the next part of His plan for North Creek.

One thing is for sure: Battle Ground needs a youth pastor.

We have spent the last year getting the Battle Ground teens plugged into our Hazel Dell youth group under the leadership of Kris Gray.  It has been a great win for all of the students and we have been amazed at the cohesiveness between the various groups of youth.  We have also loved marrying two sets of youth staff who are thriving together.  Kris and her team took an interesting circumstance and made it incredible.  That being said, the community of Battle Ground is starving for a local solution to helping teens navigate their lives from a Godly perspective surrounded by Jesus-filled adults.

Here’s what KILLS us…we really feel within our heart of hearts that our church is part of the answer.  We know that the steel rod that runs through the back of North Creek Church is our ability to invest in teenagers and connect them to our church as young adults.  We birthed a church set on pouring resources and attention into teenagers.  It has run through Mark and I’s blood for 20 years and becoming Lead Pastors never changed that.

So, here’s the deal.  We need you to pray for a miracle for Battle Ground and North Creek.  We have several things that you can pray specifically about:

1.  We need $50,000 for the various salaries and startup costs to run both youth ministries for a year.  We believe that a year from now we’ll be solid enough to carry the weight from that point forward.

2.  We also need a youth pastor.  We believe that there is a very specific person for this role.  We believe that God is appointing this person to fit perfectly into this task and we believe He is birthing a passion for Battle Ground in their hearts.  If you know of a youth pastor that fits into the DNA of North Creek, can work in tandem with Kris Gray, and is ready to take on the massive task of pastoring Battle Ground teens, send them the link to my blog or have them email me at

3.  We need you to continue to pray for Vancouver teenagers.  This is nothing new.  They are bursting at the seams and desperately need a bigger facility!  The financial ramifications of solving their ever-expanding issues is massive, but we’ll take those type of problems any day.  Let’s reach people for Jesus!

THANK YOU for your prayers!  We know that God is up to something and the miracle is just around the corner.  Hold on to your seats!  It’s going to be a good year!