The party has started!!!  All month we are celebrating our TEN YEAR anniversary.  We are excited beyond measure to share the stories, honor people along the way, and thank Jesus for all that He has done.  And the best is yet to come!!!

As part of our celebration, we will be handing out free Coffee Church shirts all month.  We already ran out, so the new order has been placed!  Aren’t our people the best?  The shirts are free, but pass on the blessing by giving extra to our missionaries around the world.  We are highlighting four missionaries this month in honor of our ten year and we want to be generous with all that God has blessed you with.  What a privilege!

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We also passed out coffee tins with coffee candy in them and a note about our story.  You’ll have to watch the sermon below to truly appreciate the history of our coffee tins!  It’s been quite the adventure, but with all of the challenges, all of the ups and downs…it is WORTH it!

We took a special offering for our FIRST missionaries, Chris and Heather Schneider.  Ironically, I just got off of a Facebook conversation and they have a need of about $4000 right now.  Would you take some time and pray that God would provide for them?  Make sure you listen to see if God would have you sacrifice as well.

ALSO, you can sign up for our Growth Groups right now.  Signups are going great as our groups prepare to start next week.  See your options at

And a special shout out for our young adults group.  They are knocking it out of the park right now, so if you’re out of high school and need a great group of people to hang out with, register under the Growth Groups link and they will track you down! 🙂

AND congrats to all of our new 6th graders who celebrated their first night at The Difference Youth.  I’m pretty excited for you all because I know what the last year in youth group has meant to my own daughter.  It’s a special place!

AND our Kindergartners are on their way to KidCity!  It’s a big transition for our young ones, but it’s an EXCEPTIONALLY well run class for our K-5th Graders.  If your kindergartner isn’t one that makes transitions easily, talk to our kid’s pastor, Andrea Garner.  She is very helpful and takes the time to make sure kids go at the best pace for their personality.  You can contact her at  She also loves having other moms and dads volunteer,  so if you’d like to be a part of your elementary schoolers spiritual growth at church, let her know that as well!

Speaking of Andrea…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best kid’s pastor and one of my favorite people!!!  You are a joy to do life with and I am grateful for your investment into my kids!

Phew!  Make sure you are at the next three weeks of church because we are just scratching the surface of FUN! 😉

Here’s the video of last week.  You’ll enjoy the history!


Today is our 9th anniversary since the day we launched North Creek Church.

I can remember sitting in a conference in my early 20’s feeling so sorry for pastors who “had to” start churches. It looked like an awful lot of toiling and sweat.  It is, by the way.  Now, here I sit, nine years in to a startup church and I feel so blessed to have been a part of something so spectacular!  Strange how the tables so often turn in our lives.

In honor of year nine, here are nine things I’m grateful for along the journey:

  1. I’m grateful for changed  lives.  I love the stories of Jesus changing people and if you have the time, I can tell them to you through laughs and tears.  I love to tell them because each life is living proof that God is still working in our world.  As I walk through the halls on Sunday, the stories flood through me like a river as I lay eyes on each beautiful face.
  2. I’m grateful for the people who have committed for the long haul.  There is so much richness in my life due to the fact that we have chosen to plant our feet in one church with other people who choose to do the same.  You’ll never find the perfect church.  You’ll never find one that is easy to be at all the time.  You’ll never find one that is free of ups and downs.  But if you will commit to people for the journey, you will find satisfaction that you never knew existed.
  3. I’m grateful for the growth in my own life.  I’m a better person because God has used this church plant to refine me in some excruciatingly humble ways as well as some moments of His glory that were even more humbling to be a part of.  I am so different now than nine years ago, it is difficult to comprehend.
  4. I’m grateful for our “Church Plant Kids”.  We had the privilege of starting this church on the backs of a small fleet of children.  Now those same toddlers and kids are teenagers and adults.  They are incredible….really incredible kids with solid morals and good heads on their shoulders.  I give the credit to Jesus and to the partnership in ministry they have had with us.  Church and Jesus have always been a wild adventure for them to partake in…not a boring spectator sport to stop in at.  Honestly, going mobile at this season is an opportunity for some of you.  If I had young kids, I’d seriously sign up for the set up team, drag their cute diapered butts to church at the crack of dawn, and let them serve alongside some great men and women.
  5. I’m grateful for a flexible church.  North Creek gets some award for riding this roller coaster with grace and joy.  We’ve been in a school, we moved to a bar, we bought a building, we merged with a church, we’ve been multisite, we adopted a  [rocking awesome] Deaf Church, our youth ministry meets in another church, and now we are selling everything and moving back into a school….next adventure is yet to be determined!  But each step was with great purpose to pursue what God has birthed in our hearts.  A church that sees only the mission of Christ and not the address is a church that is unstoppable.
  6. I’m grateful for faithful givers.  It takes guts to give away 10%+ of your income every month to a church plant.  After all, most church plants don’t make it past the first couple of years.  Yet, we have a multitude of people who faithfully trust God with their resources every month and it allows us to keep moving forward.  I am grateful for the faithful who believed in us early on and still believe today.
  7. I’m grateful for prayer warriors.  Mountains move when the righteous pray.  We lean heavily into the prayer warriors and they have our ears.  Listening to the critics will birth in you confusion, but listening to the intercessors will confirm in your heart what God is speaking to you.  The maturity of our church is dependent on how many people will commit to seeking God in prayer.
  8. I’m grateful for our Leadership Team.  We have said often that we would not do this alone.  Our team is our greatest joy as we link arm in arm and face the challenges that go with leading a church.  What a fun journey to take with such a talented and strong-willed team!  I frequently say that my job is to chase cats as they all dream and go forth in a beautiful mixture of independence and unity.  We are blessed.  So blessed.
  9. I’m grateful for the Holy Spirit.  The gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives is a mighty one.  I am so thankful for His power in our weakness and His wisdom in our humanity.  There is no way to charge forward into the future without His presence.

Here’s to another nine years.  It’s impossible to imagine all that God can do through the next season of North Creek.  Greater things are yet to come!  Thanks for coming with us!

Pictures from nine years ago.  I’m sure I missed some people, but hopefully you’ll recognize some familiar faces!




It was my 18th wedding anniversary this week, so Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!  I say it all the time, but he’s the real deal!

This blog is FULL to the brim of announcements and celebrations, so brace yourself!

Our youth had a BIG week as they merged together on Thursday night with RAVING success!  There was 117 people packed into the Link Church’s building over by Costco and they rose the roof with all the electricity in that place.  It was so amazing to see it all come together in such a phenomenal way.  Below are some pictures for you to see it for yourself.  If you’d like to be a part of our youth, you can contact Kris Gray at

One way you can massively help our youth is to come on one Thursday night every 8 weeks and babysit our youth staff’s children during service.  Especially if you have a teenager that is being loved on every week, I encourage you to give back by watching some incredible kids.  We are looking for 5 people right now who will show up once every two months.  Email to sign up and get background checked.

And our other big news is that we have sold the Hazel Dell building and are planning to move our churches to Prairie High School in the next 5 weeks!  We have a tentative launch date of September 27, which is our 9 year anniversary!  We are excited to celebrate with a fresh start and a new direction.

In preparation for our merge, Hazel Dell will shift to ONE SERVICE at 10:00 am for September 6, 13, and 20th.  That way we can have our volunteer schedule ready to go for the move on the 27th.

IMG_0249My 9 year old Kennedy got to teach KidCity over at Hazel Dell, while 9 year old Isaiah (Pastor Chris’ son) got to teach over at Battle Ground.  Kennedy and Isaiah were the first two infants in our nursery, so it was ironic that they both unveiled their preaching career on the same day! 😉  Kennedy told her dad that he could stop preaching because that was her job now!  We love raising up kids with focus and passion!

We are praying for all of our North Creek students as they gear up for Back to School.  We believe these kids can make a difference at a young age and impact this generation for Jesus.  Please be praying with us!

Do you know of any warehouse space that is available for us to store our entire church while we are mobile?  Let me know!  We need a reasonably priced space.

We also need some new volunteer roles as we go mobile.  If you are interested in any of the following, would you email me at  We only need you to serve one Sunday a month, unless you’d like to do more!  We are excited to begin dreaming, training, and implementing!

  • Sound/media setup – LOTS of equipment to move in early Sunday morning
  • Preservice babysitter – Our worship team and set up team come with children!  We need a babysitter to watch the littlest of them while their parents setup and practice.
  • Greeters/Ushers – We need many more greeters who also help us usher as we will begin passing an offering plate in our new system
  • Parking/Security – We need people who will double as parking attendants and security personnel
  • Prayer Team – We are instituting a new prayer team that prays before service and is available to pray with people after service
  • Kid’s Workers – Check in, Nursery, Tiny Town, KidCity….we are expecting 100 kids to bless us with their presence on Sundays!  While we have a strong team in place, we now need more to accommodate all that awesomeness.

More info to come and ways to help as we get deeper into this transition.  We couldn’t be more excited as we run toward our future with great expectation!  Jesus is our center and our focus, so there is simply an amazing adventure ahead!







My dear church, I have been lost in the love of God during my prayer times lately.  I sense He is calling you just as He is calling me.  It is my hope to pull you into His sweet presence with me. Would you take the next ten minutes, play the song above, read my prayer below and ask the Holy Spirit to birth in you a fresh desire for Him?  I believe, even now, He can meet you just where you need to be met.




Heavenly Father,

My prayer today is for my precious church.

God…Holy God…Pour out your Spirit with a fresh passion on Your people.

I know You are calling.  Calling Your children back to Your heart and back to Your authority.  You wake me with tears running down my cheeks, broken for a nation. Our nation.

God, we are lost, we are so very lost.

Holy Spirit, give us repentant hearts.  We are sinners.  We are unholy.  And we fail you.  Birth in us a deep humility.  A true faith in Christ that is marked by repentance. May we draw the boundaries in our lives, not by the world’s standards, but by Your standards.

I pray a rich spiritual hunger in our hearts.  May we have an insatiable need for your Word, be called to your throne in prayer, and be uplifted in power by your Holy Spirit.

I pray for the weak, the depressed, and the down trodden.  Your children are not bound by the world’s life-taking gravity, but we are called to a higher purpose.  Freedom is found in Your face.  May we seek You with all of our hearts and may you release us from those chains.

I pray for our youth and children.  May they be mighty.  A generation with a boldness and a fight in their souls.  They have been lied to…Lied to about sexuality, lied to about worth, and lied to about power.  I pray for an unwavering strength in their determination and their direction.

I pray for a great cloud of witnesses in our church who will proclaim the love of Christ without hesitation.  You are our salvation, our joy, and our hope.  May we return to our first love and declare Your glory.

And Lord, give us hearts to worship with abandon.  May we set aside the distractions and spend the time worshipping you daily.  May we get up from those moments and carry the power of the Holy Spirit with us in a way that sets us apart.

God, we are desperate to see the God of miracles be set free to work in our midst.  The Healer, the Anointer, the Victor.  We long for Your power to be displayed in our church, our lives, and our community.

Let the Heavens open.

God, Holy God, let the Heavens open on our nation.


I just received some pictures from our Easter service and wanted to share them with you!  Such a fun morning to come together at Prairie High School to celebrate our Risen Savior.  Thank you so much to Wayne for taking these!