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This weekend we won’t be at either one of our campuses, but rather at the Salmon Creek Park for Baptisms and Brunch. We will be celebrating with 20 people who are being baptized! We’ll also be eating scones/fruit and drinking coffee, while Hazel Dell, Battle Ground, and the Deaf Church get to all be together. It will be a fun and powerful morning.

Here are some details that you may need:
1. Bring a chair.
2. Kids are welcome to swim, so come prepared if that applies to you.
3. Parking is $3 per car. The youth also are asking that you donate $2 per car for their missions giving, so bring $5 and support our teens.
4. If you’d like to bring cut up fruit to share, we’d be blessed by that!
5. All of the flyers say we are starting baptisms at 10:45 am, but due to the number of baptisms, we’ll be bumping that to 10:15 am. Brunch will still begin at 9:30 am.

The address of the park is 1112 NE 117th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665. Once you park your car, you’ll enter through the main entrance, and you’ll see our North Creek Signs in the park. We can’t wait to see you there!

I wasn’t at our church yesterday, because we are currently in Montana on vacation, so all of my highlights for the week are second hand information!

To start with, I DON’T LIKE missing my church, which I consider a win.

Our biggest win is that we have 20+ baptisms happening next weekend at our Park Day. If you’ve never seen that many baptisms at one occasion, it’s life altering to watch. We have children, teens, and adults on the docket. And we have an entire family, as well as several parents baptizing their own children. It’s going to be INCREDIBLE! All glory to God!

Attendance was up alot at Hazel Dell this weekend! That campus dropped over the last several months as a chunk of people transferred to Battle Ground in the merge. We know it’s a short term thing as God will continue to grow this church and making room is our goal. It’s only a matter of months until we are back to the same old parking and seating issues again! Now is a great time to invite a friend as we have room for more!

We visited my friend’s church in Kalispell, MT. We had a great morning! One of the ladies at the church knew me and she could remember me sharing a testimony in front of my home church about being called to ministry. Ironically, I also ran into another lady later that night who remembers the day I was baptized.

Both campuses got to watch last week’s baptism video. It’s a tear jerker, for sure! Anytime a dad weeps over his children’s relationship with Jesus, I’m going to need a kleenex. Or a whole box.

Wayne preached again at Battle Ground for the first time since February! Welcome back, Pastor Wayne! Hope you enjoyed the break!

So many good things in store for our church and for your life personally as well! God has a plan and I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

If you haven’t met my youngest child, Kennedy, you’re in for a treat someday. She is funny, charming, and gives the best hugs on the planet. That being said, she came out of the womb with a stubborn streak a mile long. She has always wanted things done a certain way and she would fight me to the death to make sure that happened. You can imagine with my stubborn streak the wars that we have had. The first five years of her life were challenging, but I also knew that if God could use that gift, she would be unstoppable.

Within the last year I have seen that attribute begin to mold and shape into one I admire more than anything else in the world. She is beginning to use her stubborn nature in a tenacious and focused way. In gymnastics you will often hear her mutter to herself, “I’m not stopping until I can do it.” You can literally see the determination in her eyes.

The other day she was in the swimming pool, trying to make it from one end to the other. Her sister, Delaney, was doing cannon balls in the middle of the pool, and with each jump, the waves would push Kennedy back farther from her goal. It was painful to watch as her little arms were beginning to ache and her kicks were slowing and becoming erratic. But then, true to who she is, she looked at me at the edge of the pool, and in her sweet voice, said, “I’m never giving up.”

It was one of those proud parent moments where I thought, “That is ALL I want from her. I just never want her to give up. I want her to give it all that she has, because I know that she can get to the other side.” I allowed her to struggle, although I wished desperately that I could help the journey go easier, until she reached the edge. I had to hold back the tears as I told her how proud I was that she didn’t stop.

It’s the same way in our lives as well. I think God looks at us and hopes, above all else, that we display a tenacity that will not quit. I think He just wants us to BELIEVE that we will make it, one way or another. I often wonder how close some people have gotten to something amazing, but gave up an hour to soon, a mile to soon, a moment to soon. What if we bared down and refused to stop short? What if we fought the discouragement for just a little longer? What if we lived life with the “I’m never giving up” attitude?

If you’re thinking about quitting today, why not wait one more day? Why not swim a little harder, try a little longer, focus a little stronger? You might just reach the edge despite the waves wanting to hold you where you are.

Happy Father’s Day! We have some great men at our church and I am grateful for each one of you. Our country needs men who depend on the guidance of God, so everytime you lead your family through the doors of church, or lead them in prayer, or lead them in humility, you lead this country in a better direction.

We baptized a family on Sunday at the Battle Ground Campus. The father went first and wept through his testimony about how grateful he was to see his daughters live for Jesus. I got this email yesterday: “We are so thankful for all you did to make the baptism so special for us all, it was the greatest day of my life to see my girls be baptized. Again thank you.” No need to thank us…we are humbled to be a part of your story!

On another note, we did our annual tradition of grilling hot dogs for breakfast for the men. It’s always a funny tradition to think about, but the men seem to like it, so that’s what matters.

Just two weeks until our Baptisms and Brunch Sunday at the park. It’s definitely not to late to sign up to be baptized. You can do that HERE. Take note of the fact that we won’t be meeting at either campus that Sunday, but we will be at Klineline Park in Vancouver. You can get all of the info at

Met a couple of new families yesterday! I love to see who God brings through the door every Sunday. Do you ever wonder if someone new is going to walk through the door that will change your life forever. Could happen!

We had our small group BBQ yesterday. The Lakins grilled ribs. Let’s just say those ribs will be served in Heaven daily. Our kids all ransacked the place and had a great time!

The last of the school districts all get out tomorrow. My kids are in that district that goes to the bitter end. My youngest wore her winter boots to school today, which is how we roll in June in the Pacific Northwest. We should have planted a church in Hawaii…

Lots of exciting things on the horizon for the Coffee Church. We’re heading into a busy summer of camps and missions trips. We believe that God will use these key times to do deep work in the hearts and lives of people within our church as well as half way across the world!

We are praying for you! We hope that you are blessed beyond measure. Have an exceptional week!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and the Coffee Church can’t wait! We have a tradition of honoring our dads by grilling hot dogs and serving root beer for breakfast. There’s nothing like a bunch of guys eating processed meat in front of a church on a Sunday morning! Good times!

We’re also celebrating with the Battle Ground campus as a dad and his family will be baptized together tomorrow. Such an amazing way to be an example to your family and we are excited to celebrate with them all!

Join us in the morning – Hazel Dell at 9:30 or 11:00 am / Battle Ground at 10:00 am and the Deaf Service at 11:30 am!