This week I’ve been a little discouraged about life in general. I am normally a very upbeat type and don’t often let the issues of the world overwhelm me, but this has been a long week. It just seemed like there was a lot of suffering and issues surrounding the people in my life and it was just a lot to carry. So, how do I deal with it when I am discouraged?

Well, I remind myself that I don’t see everything as clearly as God. He’s got a different perspective and a full view of the ups and downs in the world. Did you know that our vision is limited to approximately 10,000 colors? And we are able to see a very small light spectrum. Even as we walk on this earth we are missing reality…For what it’s worth, there are infrared rainbows all around us all the time. We just can’t see them.

So, when I look at a situation and it seems so impossible or so frustrating, I remind myself that there are rainbows surrounding those circumstances…sometimes I just can’t see them. God has a full view and he’s got the right perspective. He sees the beauty where I only see despair. He makes all things right in the end.

If you’re struggling this week, just remember you are surrounded by brilliance.

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