Last week I walked into the office at work and saw a coat laying on the desk. I stopped and stared at it for a minute. I was stopped in my tracks because it was MY coat. The problem was that I didn’t even know that it was missing (and had been missing for 4 days!). I kept looking at it trying to figure out why something so valuable had gone unnoticed in my life.

Isn’t that the way our relationship with Jesus is? When you first find Jesus in your life, you are just in shock that you found something valuable that you may not have even realized was missing. You see, most of us think we have it so together until we find perfection in Jesus and see all of the flaws and needs in our own flesh.

I often hear people say that they don’t need Jesus in their life, but it’s just like my coat. If they walk into a circumstance and there He is, they’ll sure be glad that they found Him. He may just warm up your life a little, too!

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