Dominican Republic Day 1 & 2

A group from North Creek left on Friday night for a missions trip to the Dominican Republic where we are training and working with a local church on reaching teenagers who are far from God.

Here are some picture moments that capture Day 1 and 2 of our trip!

Sunrise over New York City…the only benefit of the red eye flight out of Portland!


The breakfast of Champions…cupcakes and coffee.  Yes, they did regret this later.  It was 3:30 in the morning in Portland!  The paper they are holding is “Flat Vanessa”.  The real Vanessa had a baby and couldn’t be with us, so the teenagers brought her along with us anyway.


The view from our hotel room!


Here is some of us in the van.  There is NOTHING like the driving in the DR.  They don’t slow down for pedestrians and there aren’t stop signs.  At four way intersections, everyone just crowds in to the middle and aims the the direction they want to go.


This picture was taken right before our first training event at Iglesia La Trinidad.  Kris, Karissa, Heather, Liana, and Sierra shared about reaching teens who need Jesus.  I was outside babysitting some of the children and the cockroaches…that’s another story…


So far we are doing well adjusting to the everything!  We appreciate your prayers as we have four long days ahead of us with an outreach day camp for teens.  We love you all!

  1. Wow! Sounds like a very busy 2 days! Hugs to you Lydia!!! Mom is so proud of you!!! Excited to hear about all of the lives you young ladies change! The Power of our Lord is awesome!

    • Very busy, Barbara! Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Lydia is great!

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