April 6 Coffee Church Highlights

Well, the sunshine finally made it’s debut in the Pacific Northwest, so I guess I won’t be moving to Hawaii after all!  I am LOVING the weather and my garden is thanking me for some much needed attention!

Hey, Hazel Dell – did you notice that the parking lot is transforming?  It was a crazy week of earth movers, dump trucks, pressure washers, and bark dust, but we made a lot of progress!  It will look much better in the upcoming weeks.  At this point, we need some manpower to turn the dirt on the second berm.  If you have some time, email mark@coffeechurch.com and he can give you specifics.  You can come anytime!

As we began the process of working on the parking lot, it was amazing to watch people step up and donate their time, resources, and money to help.  We have such an amazing church and we very much appreciate working alongside of you!  Well, digging roots in the rain wasn’t all that great, but normally we appreciate it!

Battle Ground had a flood of guests this weekend!  Thanks so much for visiting with us!

The way that you can most help us on Sundays is simple…show up 15 minutes before service.  Your presence in the building, drinking coffee, and shaking hands is priceless.

We are neck deep in our series, “In Case of Fire”, which is about Heaven and Hell.  On Sunday, we talked about Heaven in Battle Ground and Hell in Hazel Dell.  You have to appreciate the irony of that sentence…

Shout out to our worship team!  I love this group of people and they work SO hard to bring us an atmosphere of worship every weekend.  You are wonderful!

Our small groups are all closing out for the semester.  I will miss mine…mostly because of the people, but also we had incredible food. Great people talking about a great God over great food….I’m pretty sure that’s about as Biblical as you get!

Happy ONE month anniversary to our new youth group in Battle Ground!  They are knocking it out of the park and we could not be more excited about both of our groups of teenagers.

Easter is coming on April 20.  Invite a friend!  All services will be scheduled as usual.

Also, we have an event to write on your calendar!  Good Friday, April 18, we are having a concert at our Battle Ground campus to kick off the Easter Celebration weekend.  Join us!

So much going on and so much to do!  Hope you are blessed!


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