Happy Birthday, Baby!

Kennedy is officially three years old today! What a ride she has put us on! She literally fell out of my womb three years ago, before the doctor was even in the room, and she hasn’t stopped running since.

She is an “all or nothing” type of girl who loves to be held and thinks the world revolves around her. She giggles from the pit of her belly and a smile in never far from her lips. She can throw a fit that will rival anyone, but don’t let her little pout fool you! She doesn’t stay mad long at all! There is just too much adventure to be had, so there’s no time to waste.

She is athletic and, although her little body seems like it could blow away, she’s as strong as they come. We often look at those big green eyes and straight blond hair and wonder where she came from. She loves to dress up and wear lipstick, but she’s not a girly-girl. Her favorite color is orange, despite the fact that her big sister insists that pink and purple are the ONLY colors in the world.

She’s the most challenging and most enjoyable little thing that I could imagine. She was born just two weeks before we started North Creek Church, and honestly, I see them as twins. So many highs and so much work…

So, to my baby, I’m so glad that you are you. I don’t mind the fact that you need 1000 hugs a day. I don’t mind the fact that sleep is negotiable for you. I don’t mind the fact that you see couches as things to jump off of, not sit on. I like the fact that you keep us guessing and there is no predicability in our relationship. You are my constant reminder that life is an adventure.

I love you.


  1. Awesome pic =O)

    Happy B-day Kennedy!!!

  2. Rachael said:

    I love this photo of Kennedy!! I love this precious little girl and she does Light up a room!!
    Happy Birthday! WE love you!!
    I am so excited at what God has done with North Creek these past three years! I am amazed continually!!

  3. Jamie said:

    she is so beautiful!! full of fire, and knows what she wants, that my kind of girl 😉

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