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cinderblockThis Sunday afternoon and evening we have our Annual Celebration Meetings.  Our theme is going to be “Building“, as we look at how God built our church in 2012, as well as a glimpse at where we are going in the future.  This is our required non-profit annual meeting where our members hear about the business of our organization.

Business…what an interesting word to mix with the entity that God designed to save the world.  Our “business” is hardly summed up in statistics, spreadsheets, and percentages, as is the measuring stick for most businesses.  Our success hangs in the droplets of water falling off a newly baptized life…proclaiming change, proclaiming hope, proclaiming Him.  Perhaps our business meetings would best be lead by filling up the baptismal tank and listening to stories of changed lives!

That being said, we’ll use all the other tools we have to let you know about the DNA and vision of North Creek Church.  We’ll let you know where we are winning and how you can be a part!  And hopefully you will leave believing that nothing can stop this thing called “Church”.

We are having a meeting at each campus, since there is not enough room for all of us at one time!  You are welcome to attend either location (or both if you just LOVE a good meeting).  The only differences will be that campus specific staff will be sharing at each location, although their information is reflective of the whole church.

We highly encourage newer guests or people interested in jumping into our church to attend as well.  It is just a great time to hear about who we are as a church!

Also, if you’d like to bring a plate of cookies to share, we’d love it!  We can’t have a church meeting without cookies and coffee, right?

Hazel Dell 4:00 pm/Battle Ground 7:00 pm*

*Deaf Interpretation at the Battle Ground meeting