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Yesterday was my 38th birthday, which is also marked my 20th year of adulthood.  I was thinking last night that I wish I could have known then what I know now.  If there was a time capsule, here are the things I’d tell myself about:

1.  You’ll end up happily married, so calm down.  When that other guy breaks your heart, do not do that ugly cry in front of him…he’s not the one.  You’ll wish you could forget that image of yourself. On that note, saving sex for marriage is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

2.  You should write a book in your 20’s, when you think you know everything.  In your 30’s you find out you don’t and it gets a lot harder to write about how little you know.

3.  Be kinder.  By the time you are 38, you will understand that the world is an awfully mean place.  Leave behind you a trail of encouragement.

4. Live every day as if something great is about to happen.  One of those days will be July 21, 1996 when you will meet three people who will change the course of your future….Your husband, your mentor, and your best friend.  It will be a day you look back on with great joy and amazement.

5.  Don’t put that semester of summer school on your credit card.  Don’t put anything on your credit card that you can’t pay off at the end of the month.

6.  Travel more when you are first married.  There will never be enough money or time, so make it a priority!

7.  You’re going to have amazing kids.  You won’t believe that in the middle of one of your youngest’s toddler tantrums.  She can throw a fit like no other, but that determination will pay off in her life.  And never raise your voice to your oldest child.  She has a sweet spirit that needs to be protected.  You’ll see it in her eyes when you lose your patience.

8.  Never, I repeat NEVER, turn on a blender with boiling liquid in it.  Not only will you get a severe burn, but you’ll be washing asparagus soup off of your ceiling for months.

9.  Laugh, laugh a lot.  You’ll have wrinkles around your eyes from doing it, but they will remind you of your dad’s smile for the rest of your life.

10.  You might want to get out of the house REALLY bad as an 18 year old, but you will never have it so good again.  You should call your mother every day and thank her for taking care of you.  You will understand the weight of motherhood in due time and you will be amazed at how much you took for granted.

And most importantly I would tell myself that living a life dedicated to Jesus is worth every moment!  Here’s to the next 38 years of my life!  I can’t see the future, but I am sure I have some funny and some tragic turns along the way.  Through it all I know I will be surrounded by family, friends, and the love of my Savior.