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coffee church lightsWhat a weekend!  On Saturday we decorated both campuses!  Thank you to so many of you who showed up to help.  “Work” Days are often the times when friendships are formed and stories are written.  I LOVE ’em!

We got A LOT of comments about how beautiful the Christmas “Chandeliers” turned out.  Here’s the trick: Hula Hoops criss crossed with fishing line where bulbs hang randomly down.  Before you start bulbing, wrap your hula hoop with icicle lights.  They are time consuming, but inexpensive.

Our stage also consisted of a really cool wood structure that will continue to be a part of our stages in the future.  And here’s the eye-deceiver at Hazel Dell….the back wall is PAINTED to look like wood.  It’s not real.  I bet you’ll come back to church next Sunday just to see what I’m talking about.  You’ll tell yourself that you thought it was real wood.  Alecia Krause is our genius painter!

I had a young lady ask to be baptized on Sunday.  If you are ready to be baptized as well, you can fill out a form at  We have a portable hot tub so anytime you are ready, so are we!  I love baptisms!!!!

We had a new Tiny Town teacher this weekend.  Thanks to Michelle for jumping in!

Mark preached at Battle Ground and the Deaf Church this weekend.  Always a privilege to be at our Deaf Campus.  I don’t know sign language, but it’s another reason that I am a Facebook fan!  Such an easy way to communicate with the hearing and the deaf.  If you are not my friend, find me!

Speaking of Facebook…our last small group was filled with a lot of Facebook junkies.  I noticed that many of them became fast friends because they had an additional way to communicate on a regular basis.  I had never had that happen before, but thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

We got a new baby at Battle Ground yesterday!  Congrats to Tatiana!!!

coffee church teamOur staff team did a video shoot this weekend for some of the upcoming Christmas events.  We laughed, we cried, we ate fudge…  We have such an amazing team!  We were missing a few of them, but nonetheless, we had a good time.  Thanks to Brian Enquist of Home Video Studio of Vancouver for filming us and to the Swensons for having us over to destroy your house.  Have I mentioned that I appreciated the fudge???  Cause I did….a lot.

It’s December!  In honor of the Modern Family sermon series, spend this month reconciling one relationship before the new year.  I know it’s not always that simple, but what if it is?  What if the worst relationship in your life can be exponentially better with a phone call?  This is life, so it might get worse, but the risk might also be worth it….you’ll never know until you try.

Now, I’m off to make that phone call…  Be blessed!