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Great weekend, as always!  We have such kind people at our church who I look forward to seeing every week.

We are in full swing with our next series on Hunger.  I am LOVING it as we talk about seeking after righteousness and making our spiritual lives a matter of priority.  Good stuff!

As we have announced, we are still in process for a potential building for Hazel Dell.  It’s a slow start as we navigate a commercial building purchase, so if you feel like you are missing something…you’re not.  That being said, we need you to be praying right now.  First and foremost we want to do whatever God wants us to do, so in the “meantimes” of life, we can be praying for His wisdom.  You can drive by the building at 811 NE 88th Circle whenever you want to.  Times/dates to see inside are still in limbo, but they will be coming!

All of our small groups are off and running for a great semester.  I am really looking forward to hearing about how God uses each one to mold and form lives!  There is value in everything from Bible studies to Bowling Leagues in the Kingdom of God.  He uses our brushes with His people to make us more like Him.

Mark and I’s small group is focused on finances, so that will be a lot of fun!  Money is taught so poorly in this country that by the time you figure out about interest, saving, and spending, you probably already have credit card debt and you’re probably only about 21 years old.  It’s a shame!  There is freedom in living a Biblically-structured financial life.  We are looking forward to the next 9 weeks with a really wonderful group of people.

Speaking of being more like Jesus, are you ready to get baptized?  We have a portable hot tub that we fill for baptisms any time!  You can sign up HERE.

We also have a thriving email prayer ministry that you can be a part of.  If you have a prayer need or would like to be added to the email list to pray for people, just send us a note at  Over 200 people pray for those needs that come through!  There’s power in our prayers!

We have a lot of new volunteers making their way onto our team this fall.  Thank you so much for serving at North Creek!  We LOVE having amazing volunteers involved in the lives of people of every age.  It makes everything more fun when there are a lot of people!

Well, so much to do and so little time!  Make every moment count and do it all for Jesus.  Have a great week and be blessed!