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The first week of school has officially come to a close.  It will be marked with many new highs and lows as it proved to be one to remember in the Newell home.

As always, on the first day of school we tell our kids one expectation we have from them.  We figure that in the midst of all of the new procedures, rules, and social mandates, we probably only have one shot at our kids hearing us.  So, here’s our first day speech.  It never changes, but their hearts do.

Sweet Child,

This year all we ask is that you love people.  That’s it.  The tests, the books, the homework…it’s all important, but not the most important.  At the end of the day everything else will fade and love will remain.  So, love people.

Love your teachers.  Try diligently to be a blessing to them.  They work hard and they have good intentions.  Sometimes they even have bad days, but please, please child, love them.

Love your friends.  Friends are the heartbeat of our lives.  They bring meaning to the mundane and they are valuable.  Treat them as the precious holders of your dreams and secrets.

Love that kid.  You know who I’m talking about.  They have very few friends and it’s probably because they are either rude or awkward.  Either way, you love them.  Even if others laugh at you for doing so, love them.

Love your family.  That’s your sister on the bus and she is important to you.  Even on the days you don’t think so, she is.  Make sure that when she trips off that bus, you run to help her.  Don’t laugh, love.

Love the lunch lady, the bus driver, the principal, and the people you pass in the hallway.  Love the lady who works in the office and the nurse who sends you back to class when you think you’re too sick to stay.  Love the librarian.  Love them all.

This world, especially at school, is full of judgment, hatred, teasing, and bullying.  That’s not who we are.  We are Christ-followers and we’ll get a lot wrong, but please don’t get love wrong.

Oh, and remember, our amazing child, WE LOVE YOU.  Deeply, profoundly, but not anywhere near how much Jesus loves you.


It is with that we send our kids away from our watchful eye for seven hours a day.  We trust them to manage the greatest treasure we have invested in them and that is the love of our Savior.

We’ll be thrilled if our kids’ education results in them curing cancer or walking on Mars.  We’ll be thrilled if they graduate with honors or are the valedictorian.  And we’ll be thrilled if they grow up to be ordinary people dripping with an extraordinary love.