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imagesCAPXEWRKRecently my oldest daughter had to do a blood draw.  The nurse helping her was so kind as she walked her through the process of getting a needle stuck in her arm.  As the blood started to flow through the tube, she said, “We just need to take 5 little tubes of blood.”  I watched as Delaney looked quizzically at the red liquid pumping through the vile.  She then looked square into the eyes of the woman and said, “Are you going to give it back?”

I audibly laughed at her thought process.  Even at 8 years old, she is smart enough to know that she needs the blood running through her body.  What she didn’t understand is that even as those viles filled with blood, her body was already making new cells.  She would never miss that blood because her Heavenly Father has designed her to be able to give some away, and always have enough.

That’s true for our lives as well.  We hold onto valuable things as if it is all we have and we will die without it.  We are afraid to give our money because we might run out.  We are afraid to commit our time because we might overcommit.  We are afraid to love because it might hurt.

We look into the eyes of God and say, “If I give you a part of me, are you going to give it back?”  The fear in our eyes betrays the fact that we really don’t believe that God can give us more with the snap of a finger.  We think that there is a limit to His blessings.

This week I encourage you to really ask yourself what you are hesitating to give God.  Weigh out the emotions, the trepidation, and the anxiety.  Remind yourself  that your Heavenly Father has designed you to be able to give some, and always have enough.  Rest in the fact that even as you pour yourselves out, He is already replenishing you.