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Happy New Year!!!  I’ve never really been a fan of resolutions, but every year I do try and focus on one word that will sum up my perspective for the upcoming 12 months.  This year’s challenge/goal/standard is summed up in the word GRATITUDE.

So often in life we are guilty of complaining about what we don’t have, complaining when we get what we thought we wanted, but turned out differently, and then complaining when it’s taken away from us and we don’t have it anymore.  Sound familiar?  Probably…as humans we are simply prone not to be grateful.

As a parent, I find the most joy in my heart when my kids are grateful for what they have and what they get to do, rather than when they choose to whine and complain.  I am sure that God shares the same joy for us when we are grateful.

I believe that gratitude is a habit and if that’s true, then I can teach myself to be grateful in all situations and make gratitude my go-to emotion.  So, that’s my word and my goal, but I’d love to share my challenge of GRATITUDE with you as well!  If you don’t have a challenge for 2014, you are welcome to adopt the word gratitude and see how God uses your open heart to change the world!

Many blessings on your new year!