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The countdown to the merge is ON!  We have just two more weeks in our buildings until we come together as ONE CHURCH at Prairie High School on September 27.  My heart is full of expectation and anticipation as the Holy Spirit whispers to my soul about all that He can and will do with His Church.

If you would like to help with packing, we will be at the Hazel Dell Campus on Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  We’ll also be there on Friday for a while, so if that works better, shoot me an email and we’ll coordinate times.  We will also be working all next week to get ready for moving day on Sept. 20.

A pastor friend of our recently asked to be caught up on what we were doing and stared at us very wide-eyed as we told him we were selling all of our property and merging our campuses.  Sometimes I forget how enormous this all is, because God has been SO good and as we listen to Him, He makes our path straight.

I’ve got two challenges for you in the next 20 days… 1) Read your Bible.  I suggest one chapter in the book of Acts from now until the end of the book.  2) Turn on some worship music and pray for 15 minutes.  Allow God to speak to you!

One thing I’ve thoroughly enjoyed about prayer lately is that I stopped coming with needs and making it a list of requests.  I just worship Him and as I do, He is ministering to my heart.  Then, as He brings your faces to my mind, I pray for you in the Spirit.  It is amazing how He unfolds His perfect timing before me.

As I’ve been praying, there are two areas of our church that I feel like God wants to break in us.  #1 – Worship.  I think He has a whole new level of worship for us to experience together.  I think He is on the edge of setting us free from our inhibitions and fear.  What would your worship look like at the throne of Jesus in Heaven?  #2 – Tithing.  As I pray, my spirit is burdened because so many people are held in bondage to their money.  He scripted a plan and when you walk in that, you will find freedom that you never imagined.  Church!  I am praying that you walk in bold obedience and see what God does in you!

Our sermon series for launch Sunday is called Everything Changes.  We know that overnight the very face of North Creek will change.  From the average attenders point of view, it will be in a new location, triple in size, and function with completely different systems.  However, that’s not all we want to change.  We want lives to change.  We want the captives to be set free, the depressed to be unleashed, and power where there was once weakness.  We want the disobedient to repent and the disillusioned to have eternal clarity.  We want the presence of Jesus to be our purpose and be a people that rises up in His authority.

Begin to declare victory where there was once defeat because a Living God wants to unleash His power on your life!  Let’s do this.