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Hope you enjoyed Spring Break!  It is officially over and we are off and running for the rest of the school year.  It was fun having my girls home for a week, but I enjoyed the solitude of my coffee this morning as well!

Welcome Home to our Deaf Church Missions team who had a great trip to Mexico. I’m pretty sure they had a remarkable time ministering to deaf kids, although I stopped listening to Pastor Jim after he said, “It was 80 degrees and sunny the whole time…”  Sigh.  Glad to have you and your tan home anyway!

We had several new volunteers learning the ropes with us yesterday!  It was SO amazing to have you and we are grateful that you are jumping in to help us lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

We dedicated Landon yesterday at Hazel Dell’s 11:00 am service.  He showed off nicely for the audience, but then got distracted by the shiny guitars.  His daddy is one of our bass players, so I guess it runs in his blood.  Congrats Marcus and Tasha!  We know you will be amazing parents to Linus and Landon!

Mark and Chris preached the same sermon yesterday on sin equating to death.  Super important perspective, so if you missed it, catch it online.  We had several people yesterday have some really deep moments with God as they shifted their thoughts about needing to be perfect before God will love you.

Hey…read your Bible.  It’s way better than any blog.

Simply Worship is tomorrow at Battle Ground and Wednesday in Vancouver.  If you’ve never been, I’m inviting you!  It’s a great opportunity to connect with Jesus and focus on His grace and mercy for an hour!  An hour with Jesus will change your life…guaranteed or your money back.  It’s a free event, so you can have your money back either way.  All the info is on the website at

On another note, we are broken-hearted for Pastor Rick and Kay Warren at the passing of their son last Friday.  I grew up in a home with mental illness and there are few words to describe how it affects everyone in the family.  I think the Warren’s have been an amazing example of living in faith and perseverance for many decades.  This is not only a horrific loss, but also one that the Warren’s must face in front of the world.  I am grateful for a God who is big enough to give them all that they need to not only get through this, but use it for His glory.  Our hope is found in Christ alone.

And so begins another week filled with adventure and the providence of God.  Let’s all live as if we serve the King of all Kings.