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Love, love, love Jesus’ Church!  It just never gets old.

What does get old is Daylight Savings Time…ugh…Sunday felt like I got hit with a 2 x 4.  And let’s just say that the kid’s classes were a joy all around!  Thanks to all of you parents who navigated getting the kids ready with less sleep than normal!!!

We had a teenager quoting a chapter in the Bible at Battle Ground and an 8 year old quoting at Hazel Dell.  It is awesome to see our young people filling their brains with the Word of God!

Remember that next Sunday night, March 17 at 6:00 pm is our goodbye dessert for Wayne and Jenny.  It will be an informal setting where you can express your appreciation to them for their 20 years of ministry here.  We look forward to blessing them!  If you have a moment, email me a letter of appreciation for them at that we will print out and present them in a book.  You can also email me if you are interested in providing a dessert for our event.  Thanks so much!

We have been growing a lot lately and would love your help in volunteering on Sunday mornings.  You can sign up at under the Resources tab.  Our volunteers only work one service a month and have a great time!

Our Kid’s Checkin computer was down at Battle Ground on Sunday…yikes!  Sorry about the wait for you parents, but I’ve got some great news for you – not only will the computer be up and running on Sunday, but you now officially have two computers!  Twice the excitement for our bursting kid’s classes at Battle Ground.  Hazel Dell, you’re next!!!!

I love change…no really…I love it.  I know that’s strange, but I am an early adopter and look forward to new adventures.  Here we go!

Worship was amazing at both campuses this weekend.  We sure love our worship teams and appreciate the extraordinary amount of effort that they put into that ministry.  Thank you!

Sometimes I wonder if kids and teenagers run our church.  Everywhere I turn there are young people doing ministry in our midst.  It might be my favorite thing about North Creek and I never want it to change.  Our kids feel like they can give and serve in our midst, which is the foundational point of the church.  It’s not about “attending the show” but about being a part of the body!

Think about inviting a friend for Easter…actually, just invite them now!  We have guests all the time and love it.  There’s never a bad Sunday to visit North Creek.

I hope your week is exciting!  Give the glory to God.