A Word From Kris

 Just to throw in a little variety, here are some thoughts from one of our other pastors, Kris Gray…

As part of the teaching team at North Creek Church, I had the privilege of speaking about Dreaming Big last Sunday and I am overwhelmed by the responses of our people!  I have been flooded with calls, emails, and texts of people who went home and made incredible goals for themselves and their family and I am very excited for what these small and big changes might mean for our church, our community, and our world!  



I used the illustration of the scene in the original Indiana Jones where Indy is faced with fighting a man who seems very proficient in whip wielding and is displaying his incredible skills to Indy, which the audience seems to find very intimidating.  But not Indy.  He just quietly and subtly pulls out his gun and shoots the guy.  It’s an awesome moment in the movie and it’s an incredible analogy of not getting caught up in being superspiritual, but instead taking action on who you want to be and who God says you are.  To me, it’s what’s so great about North Creek Church, changing lives in a practical way.   


By the way, if you want to know the odd story behind that scene in Indiana Jones, shoot me an email and I’ll fill you in! (kris@coffeechurch.com)  And if you want to check out the entire sermon, visit www.coffeechurch.com and click on the media library link.   


Until then, dream big!  Dream with expectancy!  Believe what God says about you!  I do…



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