Amber’s Email

Mark read this email yesterday during his sermon and it’s definitely worth sharing:

Since June Jack and I have been coming to North Creek. Before North Creek and Starting Point I was lost. I didn’t realize what I was really choosing over God. Now looking back the decisions I made almost make me want to cry. North Creek changed it all for me. I feel so amazingly blessed to be a part of it all. There is truely no one else out there like North Creek. The only regret I have is having not found you sooner. I can’t thank Kayla enough for the yardsale that changed my life. For Angela who was the best example I’ve ever had and someone who I knew I could trust. Also for Jack and his parents for encouraging me to go to church. Not to leave out Michelle, Brian, and Tiffany who were there with me in Starting Point when I really made the decision to give my life to God. To surrendar to Jesus and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. There are no words to express how much everyone means to me. Every last one of you has played a part in my change from starring in my story to playing a much more special role in God’s story for me. To you, Mark and Stacy, for creating a place that changes the hearts of people like me everyday. To your vision for what North Creek is and what it is becoming. The biggest thank you in the world is not enough. May God richly bless you as he has begun to bless me. I could go on with gratitude, but this letter would be enormus so I leave you with my favorite quote, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” God helps me dance in the rain. Thank you.


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