Another Day, Another Adventure

Ahhhh, Sunday! And it’s Mother’s Day. Here’s my favorite moments of the day…

First of all, this was the first time that I have ever preached two sermons in a row. I seriously have no energy left to think! That takes it out of you. When we go to three services, I’ll need an IV drip of caffeine.

Moms are the coolest people on the planet. We have some of the best at North Creek.

I talked with someone who has been trying to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened…yet. We have several couples in our church with that same story. Let’s commit to praying daily for those couples! God happens to be in the business of miracles.

Thank you to Pastor Chris Harold for encouraging me after the first service! I’m a words of affirmation girl, so that kept me going for another round. I appreciate our team so much. We look out for each other and do what it takes to stay strong.

I heard through the grapevine that Marcus thinks we are the church with the least amount of “church politics”. That’s a high compliment in my book. It’s all about God, so check your ego at the door.

Did I mention our amazing moms? Donna is one of my favorite. It’s easy to preach to someone who laughs at literally any joke you tell.

Speaking of laughing, I find it ironic that the 9:00 am service is a much more energetic service. They laugh more, clap more…it’s weird. I wish I was still sleeping at 9:00 am.

I talked with a mom who is really struggling right now. I hurt for her, but I believe God has a great plan, purpose, and agenda for their family. That being said, it’s tough to be in the middle of the struggle. Add that one to your prayer list as well!

I think God is going to use my message today to send our people all over the world. That’s awesome!

I love this church.

  1. Ellen Fox said:

    thank you for your soul touching sermon on Mother’s Day! God talked to me loudly twice for sure on Sunday. Before I ran out the door, pack tissues! I noticed a young lady sitting by herself in front of me at church, I invited her to sit with me. During your sermon I could tell she was starting to almost sob, so I gave her tissues!
    The last time I heard his voice was when you were speaking about birthing this church, God told me “you can do this” . I know he was referring to the strong possibility of raising another child at age 56! thank you!

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