April 1 Highlights

It was a great morning and I finally feel like we might be getting back to normal after a roller coaster ride of events in March. I have to admit, I’m excited for a little solid ground coming our way! Here’s this week’s highlights:

There was a new little girl in KidCity Battle Ground who left exclaiming, “Oh, church is over?!?! I wanted to stay longer!” LOVE when kids LOVE to be in the house of God.

Another little girl from TinyTown Hazel Dell left so excited and said, “Jesus rode in on a donkey!” Toddlers remind us of the simplicity of joy at the smallest details.

Our new perculator coffee pot died a viscious death in Battle Ground on Sunday…so did the kettle…so did the burner…Let’s just say that it was HOT at the Coffee Church this weekend!

Chris Harold did an outstanding job talking about critics as part of our Nehemiah series. This sermon was so needed in my own life. Short recap: Nehemiah did what God told him, changed history, but started a war in the midst of it as he faced his opposition head on. In the midst of adding a campus, we’ve faced some critics and I have to say, it has not been the highlight of the journey. We are going with the Nehemiah principle: Pray first, fight second, and never loose sight of what God told us to do. My theory: if you are being critical, you haven’t prayed…ouch! But it’s true in my life, so I bet it’s true in yours.

Mark knocked it out of the park in Battle Ground talking about our small group structure. Community is important and being in a growing relationship with Jesus includes being in a growing relationship with other people as well! He also got lots of great comments about the building updates, which is nice to hear!

The ladies took worship this weekend with Alissa at BG and Emily at HD. Great job to both of you and your beautiful hearts for worship and serving Jesus! Your hearts sing louder than your voices!

Wayne and Jenny are back from Haiti, but now the Deaf church is off to Mexico for their missions trip! North Creek is not only going local this month, but also global!

My daughter, Kennedy, who has been so shy in the past, chose to go to Battle Ground with Mark yesterday. She said, “I’m going to make some new friends!” Super proud of her and she had a great time. Meanwhile, my daughter Delaney and Kris’ son, Drew, set up KidCity for the morning and took ownership of ministry. I have a theory on this too: if you want amazing kids, come to church an hour and a half early. My kids are becoming leaders and lovers of Christ’s bride in those early morning hours. They help me, they worship with the team practicing, they play with other staff kids, and they dance in the aisles while we set up chairs. It’s a magical time that is the most precious moments of our week.

Well, this is the launch week. In six days we hope the community wiLL flood our doors and experience a great church that loves Jesus! How can you help: pray! Also, we’ll be at Battle Ground today from 1-5:00 pm finishing some projects. We’ll be at Hazel Dell on Wednesday from 10:00-2:00 pm. We’ll buy pizza on Wednesday! See you soon!

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