April 22 Highlights

What a gorgeous weekend we got in the Pacific Northwest! My soggy, mossy lawn slightly dried out before the next onslaught of rain. I saw pictures of sunburns all over Facebook, just to prove we don’t know how to handle the sun!

Church was great this morning! Battle Ground is doing a series on the words we speak. It’s the hardest lesson in the Bible, in my opinion. If we could just control our tongue, can you imagine what our world would be like? Meanwhile, Hazel Dell is doing Mind Games with a sermon on guilt. Talk about two hard hitting topics! If you are wondering, sometimes the campuses will be doing different series and sometimes the same. All series will always end up being at both campuses eventually, so just pick your campus and you’ll get all of the good stuff in time.

I’ve been praying for a friend of mine about some big things in their life and she came to church yesterday to update me on their journey of faith. It’s always cool when you are praying for people and they just unexpectedly pop up!

Mark and I have a conference we’re going to and when I was talking to Kennedy about staying with Grandma, she said, “How am I going to survive without your coffee this week?” Did I mention that the Coffee Church and Kennedy were born the same month? She didn’t have a chance…

Our team is pretty remarkable. They have really gone above and beyond the call of duty lately and we are so impressed with their leadership. Everybody is pulling weight corporately and it’s why this is going so smoothly! I say it alot, but use your words to encourage our team. If your kids are being impacted by a children’s pastor or a youth pastor, tell them that! If you were touched during worship, tell someone on the worship team that! If the sermon impacted you, get on Facebook and do a shout out!

The other thing that we need you to do is to meet someone new every Sunday! If you don’t know someone, just pretend you’re a greeter and shake their hand.

Mark and I went to the youth ministry last week to celebrate their 3rd Birthday! What an awesome HUGE group of kids! We are topping out at over 100 teenagers and they are truly exceptional teenagers. If you are looking for a ministry that will grow your life while you are growing others, join the youth staff. You’ll never be the same again!

Small groups are coming like a freight train! We are feverishly working to get all the groups lined up and ready to go ASAP! This is the BEST time to jump in a group for relationship. Our summer session is shorter, more relationally based, and yet still Biblically founded. It is only a seven week commitment, so it’s an easy run at getting to know some people. If you are still interested in hosting or leading a group, email Amy at amy@coffeechurch.com.

Go change the world this week! God has something planned for you!

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  1. It was nice meeting you after the sermon:) I’m a bit shy but hopefully as I keep going, I will open up and befriend the members there! For now, I enjoy the coffee, the wonderful message, and the joy that surrounds me every Sunday:)

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