August 12 Coffee Church Highlights

Some Sunday mornings seem like a train wreck waiting to happen.  This weekend was setting itself up to be just that!  Our youth pastor was scheduled to preach at Hazel Dell, but ended up having emergency gall bladder surgery on Wednesday, Battle Ground had a complicated sermon with tons of videos needing to be made on a computer that crashed, and volunteers were dropping like flies.  At one point I thought it could end up being a joke that wasn’t so funny.

But the same thing ALWAYS happens…the church becomes the church.  People came in early, with smiles on their faces.  Volunteers walked up and asked if they could fill in for anybody who was missing, the videos not only came together, but were perfect, and Josiah stepped up to the plate to not only preach, but preach with excellence!  There was a funny moment when I looked around and had nothing to do because everybody was already doing it.  I love when God reminds us that He has it all under control and the church is about HIM, not our smoothly operated systems.

The best highlight is that we baptized Kevin in the Deaf Church service on Sunday.  Congrats!  We are very excited for you!

Old pastor friends of ours, Paul and Joanie Walterman, surprised us on Sunday after not seeing them for about 10 years.  I lost it.  They were with us during the most challenging moment of ministry and their love meant the world to us.  Sometimes you don’t need to DO a whole lot to BE important to people.

Mark did the summer recap at Battle Ground, highlighting camps, missions trips, baptisms, and babies!  I heard it was a lot of fun!  Hazel Dell gets the recap service this upcoming Sunday.  It’s a “Don’t Miss” service!

We are four months into our multisite strategy.  We are seeing lots of good things happening and we are on the road to where we are going!  I really can’t believe it’s only been four months since launch.

Kris is easing back into reality after surgery!  It took 15 of us to cover her for a week.  She’s a busy lady and we very much look forward to having her back 100%.

We got some more Kid’s rooms painted this week!  Thanks for those of you who jumped in and helped hammer out two large rooms in one day!

Also, a big thank you to all of you who gave school supplies to help our local schools out!

I am looking forward to everyone coming back to a regular schedule in September.  I am so thankful that everyone seemed to have a great summer, but I miss seeing everybody on a regular basis.  I’m a sucker for a schedule!

We are beefing up our volunteer schedule for the fall.  If you are interested, we specifically need:  Sound people (we will train you), Media computer at Hazel Dell, Nursery, Assistants in KidCity, Host Team (greeters), and Babysitters for early worship practice (about an hour before services).  You can fill out a volunteer application by clicking HERE.

Have a great week!  I heard Thursday is supposed to be a hot one!



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