August 14/15 Highlights

Coffee Church highlights from last weekend:

I got to speak on Abishai…love his little-mentioned character in the Bible! You can catch the sermon online later this week if you missed it!

Starting Point is coming to a close. I love what comes out of that class! Lots of learning and lots of growing in the leadership department!

So many new families this summer, it’s been a fun challenge to get to know everybody and begin to get them connected to friends and our integrated into our lives! That’s the best problem a church could have…

We baptized two awesome people this weekend…Nate and Samantha. I got to baptize Samantha, which was my very first baptism ever. It was an honor to be with her as she proclaimed to live for Jesus. She is also pregnant, which is a wonderful time to commit your life to Christ. That little baby will have a godly mom and dad, which is PERFECT!

We REALLY need some of our 10:30 attenders to switch to our 9:00 am service! The coffee is fresher and so is the sermon…

Some of our returning guests told us that we are TRULY a friendly church. They joked about how long it took to get to the coffee pot because everyone was greeting them and asking about their lives. They loved it and returned for a second week!

We are plunking away at our new nursery and Little Adventurer’s room. It’s going to be GREAT in a few weeks!

We had a family reunion for Mark’s side this weekend. His Aunt Rose and Uncle Jim came to visit our church. They are in their 80’s and FABULOUS! I hope that I am that spry when I’m in my 80’s!

Our Saturday night service is growing nicely. We are happy about the decision and looking forward to watching it grow from here. Normally that is our most energetic service, but this weekend everybody came in all melted from the heat. It was pretty fun to watch everyone kind of sink into their air conditioned seats and soak in the cool air!

Marcus was back in town and we were glad to welcome him back to the stage for worship. They did an excellent job!

Busy week again for me…hope yours is wonderful!

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  1. Michelle said:

    I am so glad and honored that you baptized Samantha. How special to be your first baptism personally. words can never express my joy at Samantha being baptized and for her to meet Jesus at North Creek. I am glad to know that God is even more excited then I am.
    And I am glad that there is a saturday evening service instead of another campus at this time. I love Marcus’ energetic welcomes at them.

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