August 17 Coffee Church Highlights

What a week!!!!!  I’m not even sure where to start with all of the great things that Jesus did in our midst this week.

It was our Heart The City campaign partnered with our big Baptism weekend, so we crammed in SO much incredible stuff into a few short days.

On Thursday we sent about 80 people to work with Bridgetown, a homeless community, in Portland.  There were some incredible opportunities to serve people and connect with those who are currently less fortunate than we happen to be.  The bottom line is that we are all people created by the same God and it’s our job to serve one another.

On Friday we had our teenagers cleaning up Tenney Park.  We also had people donate blood…if you didn’t get to do that last week, that is a way to make an impact many times a year, so get onboard!

On Saturday we took another team of people to clean up Stockford Village Park.  I have to say that our city was VERY organized as we partnered with them to clean up some parks.  It was a pleasure to show up with a list of jobs, the tools we needed, and an intern to give us direction.  We had a great experience making a big difference in our community.

Then on Sunday we took ALL of our campuses out to Battle Ground and had an amazing baptism celebration.  We baptized 11 people, worshipped together, and then we had games for the kids and adults.  Thank you so much to everybody who brought a dish, set up, cleaned up, and jumped in!  We had a larger attendance than we anticipated, so we just kept asking for people to haul more and more chairs outside…it was crazy!

Mark and I got the privilege of baptizing our oldest daughter, Delaney, on Sunday as well.  What an honor!  She is such a beautiful person inside and out and we were proud to be in the tank with her.  As I said on Sunday, we obeyed God in planting this church, with the hope that our children would see that living in obedience produces great blessing.  It was a full circle moment to be standing in front of our church with our child in the water proclaiming her love for Jesus.

So, on that note, live for Jesus.  Read His Word.  Do the hard things.  Disagree with what society tells you is OK and proclaim His values and standards.  Be different.  Be brave.  Be who He called you to be.

And, as always, be blessed!

Here are a few pictures, but LOTS will be up on Facebook (

IMG_3262 IMG_3110 IMG_3087 IMG_3065

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