August 26 Coffee Church Highlights

Man alive we have MEGA-preachers at our church!  Every week I so enjoy whomever is up there!  This week Mark and I split the difference and each attended a different campus.  I heard his sermon went great and I had the pleasure of watching Chris Harold move his arms a lot…and preach an amazing sermon!

If you were wondering who the beautiful new singer was at Battle Ground, that is Jordan Schmidts new WIFE, Rachel!  They got married last week and brought his incredible new bride back to the Coffee Church.  She jumped in with both feet to the youth ministry and worship team.  We are so excited for this newly wedded couple!

In January we prayed that this year would be one of miracles and it’s holding true…I met Sandy’s two new daughters and Will and Sarah felt their baby kick “on the outside” for the first time in church yesterday.  Both of those conversations were answers to prayer and I can barely contain my joy for both of them!

We need massive amounts of volunteers for the fall.  Our number usually go up by 1/3 in all kids classes come September!  If you are ready, willing, and able to help in a kid’s class, email me at today!

Yesterday, somone thought I was married to Chris Harold and someone else thought Alissa was married to Mark!  Just to clarify, Mark and I are happily married to each other!  In fact, Friday was our 15th anniversary.  If you missed the picture on Facebook, here it is:


I know, we look young.  I heard that a couple of times yesterday…

We are gearing up for small groups in a couple of weeks!  If you are interested in leading a 10 week small group, just email Amy at and she will begin stalking you.  If you just want to attend a group, you’ll get all the info in a few weeks.  It will be a truly amazing fall!

Next Sunday is the LAST Sunday that our Kindergartners will be in Tiny Town.  If you have a Kindergartener, could you email Kim at for Hazel Dell or Vanessa at for Battle Ground and let them know that you have a child transitioning.  We don’t want to miss anybody and all of our information is by age, which can vary depending on the child!  Kim and Vanessa will help ease your child into a new class and small group.

It was the last Sunday of August, which is both good and sad!  As pastors, we love the fall because everybody comes back from summer vacation, small groups kick off, and we have our “normal” community again.  That being said, it was a nice summer and we’ll miss it, too!

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